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Veer Cruiser Wagon Review

If you are a parent who used to love adventures before having kids in your life, you can still manage to do so. Of course, life changes after embracing parenthood, but you can still have fun-filled family adventures if you are equipped with wonderful baby gear. Meet the Veer Cruiser Wagon, a unique combination of a stroller and a wagon.

It is unlike traditional wagons that act as a means of carrying multiple passengers but fall short of offering a stroller level of comfort. The Veer all-terrain cruiser offers ultimate comfort and safety with its two ergonomic passenger seats with 3-point harnesses and high-side walls. If you are fond of adventures, try out this workhorse with the name Cruiser Wagon.

Fun of a Rugged Wagon, Safety of a Premium Stroller

This is what describes the cruiser very well. With the feel, comfort, and safety of a premium stroller and the fun of a rugged wagon, cruiser can adjust everyone, from your first through your last child, to a terrain no stroller can take you.

Cruiser Wagon

What Makes You Think It's Same as a Stroller?

  • The lockable handle with exceptional manoeuvrability allows you to push it same as a stroller.
  • Like in a stroller, you can buckle your children with the 3-point harnesses in it.
  • Huge storage space in the form of an add-on rear storage basket and interior mesh pockets.
  • Thanks to large rugged and knobby rear tires that make a smooth and quiet ride same as a stroller, regardless of the terrain or the kind of force (push or pull).
  • A flip-flop foot brake stops it just like a stroller.
  • Compact folding, self-standing while folded like a high quality stroller.
  • Like most strollers, it includes a drink and snack tray.

Range of Features

The wagon comes with a list of features that add convenience for you and comfort for your baby.

  • A robotically welded aluminum frame makes it lighter yet sturdy.
  • You can attach a car seat of any brand to the cruiser with the help of available adapters, making it easy to use for your child of every age from 0 to 5 years.
  • Super easy folding by lifting two handles on the back of each seat and collapsing the sidewalls down. Compact folding enables you to put it in your car trunk.
  • To fly with it, you can gate-check the wagon depending on your respective airline; otherwise, use a travel bag accessory (sold separately).
  • Don’t be afraid of muddy little feet or dirty hands, food, or milk spillage, as the cruiser is super easy to clean. The stain-and water-resistant fabric is easy to clean with a hose and cold water.
  • Adjustable handle height brings convenience for users of different heights.
  • It can accept 6 cup holders to cater well to you and your kids.
  • JPMA is certified and meets ASTM safety standards.
  • It comes with 2 passenger seats, each bearing up to 55 lbs weight, while cargo-only capacity is up to 300 pounds.

However, if you are interested in something a bit bigger, there is the option of an XL Cruiser with 4 seats that still fold down as the cruiser.

Veer Cruiser Versus Other Stroller Wagons

Veer Cruiser stands out from its competitors; here is an overview of some common wagons on the market.

  • Keenz: This wagon comes at a comparable price but is a little shorter and wider, with a different handle and way of folding.
  • Evenflo Pivot Xplore: Although less expensive than the cruiser, it is less rugged, and more like a stroller than a wagon.
  • BOB Gear Renegade: It is a little less expensive but folds differently.

Also, another major difference between these three models is the handle style. The Veer offers an adjustable height handle, which enables people of different heights to push or pull it without adjusting their stride.

In short, the price of a cruiser is comparable to a premium stroller on the market, yet you can make more little passengers sit in and enjoy it. Also, it can accompany you for a long time, up to 5 years of age, unlike a stroller, from which your child grows out at 3 years. If you are fond of family adventures on every kind of terrain, then the cruiser suits you the best.

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