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Celestial Star Explorer Celestial Star Explorer
Manhattan Toy

Celestial Star Explorer

The largest activity center in our toy collection boasts four quadrants of multi-level play. Includes: 8 wire bead runs, 11 gliders, springy crescent moon and rover solar panel, 2 wood...
Manhattan Toy

Deep Sea Adventure

Named by the Toy Association as a Finalist in the Infant/Toddler Category! This wood activity center is packed full of exciting features! Includes 4 quadrants in the shape of a...
Tree Top Adventure Tree Top Adventure
Manhattan Toy

Tree Top Adventure

This wood activity center is packed full of exciting features! Includes 4 quadrants in the shape of a tree with a variety of activities for baby : 6 tracks with...
Manhattan Toy

Wildwoods Owl Push-Cart

Playtime fun that's sure to be a hoot! This owl-themed wood push cart offers three ways to play - seated, standing, or on the move. Encourage motor development and cause-and-effect...
Play Ground Adventure Play Ground Adventure
Manhattan Toy

Play Ground Adventure

Playground-themed fun all in one wood activity center from Manhattan Toy! Discover four quadrants packed full of playful activities including 20 gliders on seven different tracks, an abacus track, five...
Manhattan Toy

Playful Pony

This Norse horse is packed with multiple activities like bead runs, gliders, spinners, abacus and more. Teaches cause and effect learning while fostering fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination....
Tiger Tunes Wooden Activity Toy Tiger Tunes Wooden Activity Toy
Manhattan Toy

Tiger Tunes Wooden Activity Toy

'Furociously' fun for everyone! The tiger-themed musical activity board features 5 musical toys in one: 8-key xylophone, drum, cymbal, mushroom clacker, and washboard sound maker. Enjoy music-filled play without worrying...
Manhattan Toy

Musical Lili Llama

Get your jam on! This Llama is loaded with musical fun and activities: 4 spinners, 2 gears, 1 maraca tail, 5-bar xylophone, 1 set of notches/washboard for ratchet sound, 2...
Musical Diego Dino Musical Diego Dino
Manhattan Toy

Musical Diego Dino

Musical Diego Dino wood toy is chock-full of sensory fun and noise-making activities.  Features include 5-key metal xylophone, 2 spinning gears, 2wooden ladybugs that move along tracks, 1 detachable maraca...
Crawl & Discover Mat Crawl & Discover Mat
Manhattan Toy

Crawl & Discover Mat

This play mat has many features for baby to discover. Flaps with reverse print graphics, various textures and crinkle paper will keep baby engaged. Plus a removable mirror that encourages...
Musical Chicken Musical Chicken
Manhattan Toy

Musical Chicken

Get your jam on! The Musical Chicken is loaded with musical fun! Features five instrument attachments and activities to keep little ones busy. Musical instruments include: 1 cymbal, 5-bar xylophone,...
Beats go on Beats go on
Manhattan Toy

Beats go on

Beats to Go musical toy from Manhattan Toy includes a drum, a pair of drumsticks, washboard, cymbal and 7-key xylophone. Three legs on the underside provide stabilization so little ones...