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Manhattan Toy

Nursery Novel

The soft nursery novel features classic development prints, crinkle paper flaps, a mirror and ribbon ties to close or attach to various play areas.  Perfect for encouraging tummy time play...
Garden Tails Book Garden Tails Book

Garden Tails Book

Shimmery, swishy, spotty and silky - there are so many sorts of Garden Tails! This cuddly cloth book is wonderfully wacky, with a Velcro loop for buggy browsing. Discover a...
Pet Tails  Book Pet Tails  Book

Pet Tails Book

Bobtails, swishy tails, stripey tails, fishy tails - plenty to spot in the pages of Pets' Tails! This funky feely fabric book has colourful pictures, tickly textures and a cute...
Dino Tails Book Dino Tails Book

Dino Tails Book

Wrinkly, crinkly, crunchety crunch. The dino pals are out to play. Discover the different textures, shapes and sizes of all their tails. This vibrant and colourful book will captivate the...
Fluffy Tails

Fluffy Tails

Plumes and brushes and fluffies and fuzzies - the Jellycat Fluffy Tails Book has so many tails! A wonderful title to read with babies, with lots and lots of feely...
Sea Tails Book Sea Tails Book

Sea Tails Book

Dive into the Sea Tails book for tails of every stripey, scale and squiggle! A funky fabric book that can hang from the buggy, this is one silly, splashy adventure!...
Jungly Tails Book Jungly Tails Book

Jungly Tails Book

What a lot of funny friends, all packed into the Jungly Tails Book! Get to know jungle animals by their tails; who is all feathery? who’s got bright spots? And...

I Might Be Little Book

Sometime we're not as wee as we think! I Might Be Little looks a bit closer at the tiny pals we might have missed. Lift the flap on every page...
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Stroller Cards – I See Bugs To Count

The "I See" Stroller Cards promote exploring a baby's world with simple, open-ended prompts. Spot bugs that are commonly seen while out and about on a walk, or in the...
Baby Zoo Book Baby Zoo Book
Manhattan Toy

Baby Zoo Book

This 10 page book with padded cover features the research proven high-contrast graphics that our Wimmer-Ferguson collection is known for. Stimulate baby's visual development with the Baby Zoo Book. Ages...
Sleepy Not Sleepy - A Tiny Dino's Bedtime Sleepy Not Sleepy - A Tiny Dino's Bedtime
Manhattan Toy

Sleepy Not Sleepy - A Tiny Dino's Bedtime

 Sleepy Not Sleepy baby and toddler board book is the adventure of a dino who can't sleep and finds things to do until it gets tired.  Introduce little ones to...
Peek-a-Boo Activity Book Peek-a-Boo Activity Book

Peek-a-Boo Activity Book

Help baby learn about her world with books showing objects from everyday life. Baby strengthens her hand-eye coordination by lifting the peek-a-boo flaps. ·Simple books with objects from everyday life...