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Done by Deer

Musical Mirror Mobile Sea Friends

Let your tiny one enjoy the comforting sound of 'Mozart's lullaby" and have fun discovering the reflections in the mirror that floats above the sleepy Sea friends. They will be...
Mobile Musical Kaloo

Mobile Musical Kaloo

This lovely wooden musical mobile, with its soft colours and attractive setting, will beautify your baby's bedroom. The fairy lights decorated with balls of fur and mischievous animals make it...
Connected Magic Lantern
Moulin Roty

Connected Magic Lantern

Sous mon Baobab - Connected Magic Lantern: This beautiful collaboration between French latern maker Trousselier and artist Elodie Coudray brings magic to a child's bedroom. Illuminate with stars as it...
In the Jungle Connected Magic Lantern In the Jungle Connected Magic Lantern
Moulin Roty

In the Jungle Connected Magic Lantern

Dans la Jungle - Connected Magic Lantern: This magic lantern will illuminate your child's room with stars as it soothes your child with it's 4 pre-recorded lullabies. You can connect...
Just Born Baby Neutral Elephants & Clouds Musical Mobile Just Born Baby Neutral Elephants & Clouds Musical Mobile
Gerber Childrenswear

Just Born Baby Neutral Elephants & Clouds Musical Mobile

No baby nursery is complete without a mobile! Lull your little one into a restful slumber with this adorable musical mobile from Just Born. This mobile is exactly what your...
Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile
Tiny Love

Boho Chic Luxe Musical Mobile

  The only décor mobile in the market that offers such a wide variety of electronic features and controls. Including adorable plush dolls to fall in love and vintage-looking embroidery,...
Coco Village

Crib Mobile

Babies will be delighted by this mobile! Its combination of colors and different textures gives an eye-catching and harmonious result. The mix of noble materials such as wood, cotton and...
Soothing Safari 2-in-1 Mobile Soothing Safari 2-in-1 Mobile
Bright Starts

Soothing Safari 2-in-1 Mobile

It’s lights out and sweet dreams for baby. The Bright Starts™ Soothing Safari 2-in-1 Mobile™ features over 6 calming melodies and 4 fun characters to captivate baby. The Perfect Fit...

Lilith the Llama Mobile

  A stunning natural mobile with a mix of earthy tone made of 100% cotton fabric.   Environmentally friendly fabrics are used and when shaken it responds with a gentle sound that is...
Manhattan Toy

Infant Stim Mobile

The Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile introduces baby to high contrast images and colors for early visual and multi-sensory development. Ten interchangeable graphic cards offer a range of simple high-contrast images to...
A Little Lovely Company

Table Light

Dream away with our enchanting Swan light. The cute swan wears a pink crown and makes every girl's room a little more  lovely. It gives off a soft glow and works on...
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