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Green Sprouts

Learning Plate

  Helps toddler develop independent eating skills Exploring new foods is fun using the Learning Plate because the suction base with an easy-release tab keeps the plate in place and...
Green Sprouts

Learning Bowl

  Helps baby develop independent eating skills. Exploring new foods is fun with the Learning Bowl because the suction base with easy-release tab keeps the bowl in place and helps...
Green Sprouts

Brush & Comb Set

Gently grooms baby's hair. Brush & Comb Set gently grooms baby’s growing hair with all-natural, renewable wood and goat hair bristles. The super soft bristles delicately smooth baby’s hair, and...
Green Sprouts

Fresh Baby Food Freezer Tray

Perfectly portioned for baby's first feedings Whole, fresh, and balanced foods taste delicious and give baby real nourishment to grow. The Fresh Baby Food Freezer Tray is made from petroleum-free...
Green Sprouts

Floating Boats Made from Plants

Filling, pouring, sprinkling water, or sailing Sprout Ware®Floating Boats, turns bath time into playtime. Sprout Ware®plant-based resin is BPA- and PVC-free and has a smooth texture and simple design that...
Green Sprouts

Baby Nail Brush Natural

Cleans baby's nails. The Baby Nail Brush helps to gently groom and clean under baby’s nails. The all-natural, renewable wood handle is easy to grasp and natural hair bristles are...