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Car Ride-On Car Ride-On

Car Ride-On

   On your marks, get set, go! And it’s a great start for number 39, who perfectly negotiates the turn to reach the finishing line in the nick of time!...

Loft Kitchen

 A loft version of a children's kitchen, what an original concept! Like a central island, this magnificent toy kitchen in olive green tones will take pride of place in the...
2-IN-1 Tricycle 2-IN-1 Tricycle

2-IN-1 Tricycle

  Out of the way, I'm coming! Your child will be able to go on an adventure in this superb evolving car. From 18 months, he will be able to...
Trio Corner Kitchen Trio Corner Kitchen

Trio Corner Kitchen

Notice to apprentice cooks!! This kitchen is made for you!! It has all the desired features. In addition to being compact (can be used as an island and can be...
P'Tite Miss Dressing Table P'Tite Miss Dressing Table

P'Tite Miss Dressing Table

 It's time to get ready to go out! This wooden dressing table allows children from 3 years old to sit on their stool to imitate grown-ups and get ready at...
Candy Chic Doll Pram Candy Chic Doll Pram

Candy Chic Doll Pram

  Dolls are bound to be sitting comfortably in this beautiful pram from Candy Chic collection, complete with its pink colour scheme and gold trim! Babies aged 18 months and...
Dino - Ride On Dino Portosaurus Dino - Ride On Dino Portosaurus

Dino - Ride On Dino Portosaurus

   Make way! Our diplodocus ride-on is about to make its entrance! It goes without saying that all children will be proud to ride a dinosaur both inside and outside...
Lama Ride On Lama Ride On

Lama Ride On

  Head for the Andes mountains on our brightly-coloured llama! Baby will have no trouble taming this docile animal who is ready and willing to help them discover the riches...

Tropik Multi Activity Trolley

  Let’s go and discover the heart of the tropical jungle! With this wooden multi-activity cart, children from 12 months old will have hours of fun! Ideal for accompanying baby...
Bolid Garage Bolid Garage

Bolid Garage

  This is the coolest wooden garage for children with its rounded shapes and sparkling colours! Thanks to this beautiful imaginative toy, your child will spend hours inventing great stories...
Ice Cream Cart Push Along Trolley Ice Cream Cart Push Along Trolley

Ice Cream Cart Push Along Trolley

  Would you prefer sorbet or ice cream? The ice cream seller is coming to town, you'll have to make up your mind quickly! This wooden walker is as delicious...

Hippo Ride-On

This lovely and trendy hippopotamus-shaped ride-on toy is ideal for the development of your child’s motor skills and sense of balance. It will become the ideal companion, helping children to...