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Jellycat Jack Big Jellycat Jack Big

Jellycat Jack Big

Jellycat Jack is finally here! This tuxedo cat has soft tufty fur, huge stitched paws and a friendly smile. With a long curved tail and L-shaped paws, Jellycat Jack has...
Gilbert The Great Blue Whale Gilbert The Great Blue Whale

Gilbert The Great Blue Whale

Curvy and cheery with the biggest balleen grin, it's Gilbert the Great Blue Whale from Jellycat! Beautifully blue, with a combed grey belly, half-moon tail and flappy fins, Gilbert's a...
Moulin Roty

Plush Great Orangutan

A large orangutan with long arms, easy to catch that will charm cuddle lovers with its touching look. Companion straight out of the jungle with tousled red fur to imagine...

Jellycat Bashful Cream Bunny

Bashful Cream Bunny’s gorgeous long ears look like two big dollops of clotted cream. Mmmm! Time for scones and a hippity-hop on the grass! With a bunny pal as soft...
Jellycat Big Spottie Giraffe Jellycat Big Spottie Giraffe

Jellycat Big Spottie Giraffe

Big Spottie Giraffe is a cheery-bright chum in gorgeous custard-chocolate fur! This cuddly calf may have diddy legs, but look at that funky long neck! With a punky mane, scrumptious...
Hamish Hedgehog Hamish Hedgehog

Hamish Hedgehog

A loveable loaf of chunky chuckles, Hamish Hedgehog is so very happy! This caramel cutie has a squish-squash snoot, beany bobble paws and foldy ears,. With silky-soft spines in chocolate...
Stellan Sabre Tooth Tiger Stellan Sabre Tooth Tiger

Stellan Sabre Tooth Tiger

Stellan Sabre Tooth Tiger might have claws and long teeth, but they're actually beautifully soft! A cinnamon dandy with silky tufts, huge trumpet paws and a long, snuggly tail, Stellan...
Viggo Mammoth Viggo Mammoth

Viggo Mammoth

Viggo Mammoth might come from the Ice Age, but his squidgy tummy is a lovely warm grey. Viggo has a fleecy hairdo, rumpled ears and flopsy legs, with a wiggly...
Seraphina Pegasus Seraphina Pegasus

Seraphina Pegasus

Seraphina Pegasus has come down to earth, but this swift sky-pony is dreaming of zooming! A magical mystery with midnight fur ruffled and scuffed by the chilly wind, Seraphina soars high...

Gomez Gorilla

Need heavyweight hugs? Gomez Gorilla has got you. This great ape has great long snuggling arms, covered in inky, silky fur, with grey stitch suedette hands and feet, a piping...
Isadora Unicorn Isadora Unicorn

Isadora Unicorn

A dreamy sight in clotted-cream fur, Isadora Unicorn is enchanting. With a plume mane and tail, silky feather and a pink twist horn stitched with silver, she trots through the...
Oswald Orangutan Oswald Orangutan

Oswald Orangutan

  Oswald Orangutan is an affable ape, content to loaf in the lush rainforest. Scrumptiously shaggy in chocolate-orange fur, with truffle face, hands and feet, this friendly fellow has a...