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Veer Wagon Toronto - Best Choice for Your Baby

Are you one of those parents who believe in buying baby products while keeping their long-term usage in mind? If yes, then you must be interested in buying baby gear that could prove its utility for your multiple kids.

The Veer Cruiser All Terrain Wagon is one such piece of baby gear that gives you the feel, functionality, and safety of a premium stroller and the fun of a rugged wagon. Let’s discover some more features of the Wagon.


                                                                   Veer Cruiser Wagon Toronto                              Veer Cruiser Wagon XL Toronto 

Veer Cruiser Wagon                                                            Veer Cruiser Wagon XL

What Is Special About Cruiser All-Terrain Wagon

Veer Wagon Toronto will take you all the way from your firstborn through your last. It comes with two different options, Cruiser and Cruiser XL, both of which have these in common:

 1. Compact, Lightweight

The Baby Wagon can handle your infants and toddlers with all their naughtiness. Due to its lightweight, you can easily stroll your two or four kids sitting in the Wagon or Wagon XL respectively. Also, the lightweight Veer stroller enables you to fit it even in the boot of a small car.

 2. Engineered thoughtfully

With its thoughtful engineering, the Veer Stroller Wagon provides you maximum ease through its compatibility with different movements:
  • Push it: Just like a stroller, you can push it, turn it, and pivot it; it’s easy to maneuver even when loaded.
  • Pull it: Like a wagon, you can pull a Veer Cruiser Wagon easily no matter how rugged the outdoor terrain may be.
  • Car seat attachment: With the help of adaptors, you can attach any car seat to this Wagon Stroller Toronto to allow your infant to accompany the rest of the kids in the wagon.

 3. All-Season / All-Terrain Friendly Wagon

The wagon is rough and tough to go out in any season and on any type of terrain. Sand or snow, mud or rain, the Wagon can navigate through it smoothly.

4. Washable Material

You can’t imagine kids without spilled food or muddy shoes. Don’t spoil their fun; let them ride as they wish because the Cruiser Wagon is built to get clean. Hose wash and air dry it, and you are good to go. 

5. Features of Wagon Toronto

  • Wagon strollers in Toronto have robotically welded aluminum frames.
  • Handle height is adjustable; you can set it according to your ease.
  • A good handle grip and handlebar can be locked in the upright position.
  • Made of durable, water- and stain-resistant fabric.
  • Easy to apply, one-touch footbrake.
  • Large, rugged, knobby tires to travel on rough tracks.
  • Front comfort suspension
  • Rear wheel fenders
  • Four storage spaces for toys.
  • Six mesh interior pockets to keep kid's accessories.
  • Passenger seating for two in the Cruiser all terrain and passenger seating for four in the Wagon all terrain XL Toronto, each with 3-point safety harnesses.
  • One-handed easy folding and self-standing in an upright position.
  • Veer Baby Wagon accepts 6 cup holders (2 included ).
  • The wagon comes with a snack and drink tray.
  • JPMA is certified and meets the safety criteria of ASTM.
  • Breathable material is used for backrests.
  • Infants up to 20 pounds can have a nap system( available separately).

Cruiser all terrain wagon and Wagon XL, both of which you can use for your infant from birth with an infant car seat or infant insert, till the age of 5 years or 45 inches, whichever comes first. Also, 55 pounds weight is recommended per seat. If a wagon is used for cargo purposes, then the weight limit is 300 pounds.

Popular Wagon Accessories Toronto

  1. Retractable Cruiser Canopy: The Veer Baby Wagon comes in standard gray color but you can add colors to your life by choosing a customized colored canopy and sidewalls. It can retract all the way down with a mesh peek-a-boo window to keep your kid well-aerated. Also, two canopies can be used at a time.
  2. Foldable Rear Storage Basket: You can take along extra kid's stuff in a foldable storage basket on the stroller that can be attached to the rear.
  3. Wagon Infant Car Seat Adapter: With this, you can attach any infant car seat to your Veer Wagon to make your infant a part of your family ride.
  4. Cruiser Travel Bag: Be prepared for every ride on your Veer Baby Wagon by taking a cruiser travel bag along with you.
  5. Toddler Comfort Seat: Make your toddler feel at home by adding a toddler comfort seat as a part of your Veer stroller.
  6.  Weather Cover: Keep your kids protected from harsh weather with this weather cover.
  7. Bug Shield: Keep your baby bug-free during the ride, especially if you are outside late at night or close to the beach, with this bug shield.
  8. Drink & Snack Tray: This accessory is part of the wagon and comes in its own box to help you feed your child.
  9. Cruiser Cup Holder: A wagon stroller can accept up to 6 cups, and 2 come in the box. You can add 4 more cups so that all kids and parents can enjoy a drink together.
  10. Misting Fan: While strolling on terrain, you could face unbearable heat. Inside a weather shield, you can add a misting fan to keep your child well-aerated. 
  11. Adventure Outdoor Blanket: To keep your babies extra cozy during cold days, you can add an adventure outdoor blanket to the Veer Baby Wagon.


 1. What is the weight limit for a wagon?

The Switch & Roll seat of the wagon stroller has a maximum capacity of 55 pounds in the lowest seat and 30 pounds in the highest seat.

2. Can I use my Veer baby wagon on the beach?

Yes, Veer performs great on the beach. On hard-packed sand, you can either push or pull the cruiser, it's equally effective. However, on moderately packed sand, it's easy to pull.

3. Can I use multiple infant car seats in a Veer stroller wagon at the same time?

The wagon can accommodate one infant car seat with an adapter, while a passenger can also ride while seated in the second seat.

 4. How easy is it to travel with my wagon stroller Toronto?

Unlike most other double strollers, the wagon can easily go through most TSA scanners without needing to go through special security lines. The rear tires of the Cruiser need to be removed with a one-touch feature, and you can fold it with ease. However, most airlines allow you to push the Cruiser to the gate. It's wise to use a specially designed Veer travel bag for better protection.

5. Can my kids lay flat in the Veer baby stroller?

Yes, with the Veer Nap system that comes as a separate accessory, you can turn your wagon into a JPMA safety-certified bassinet. This nap system is suitable for babies from birth up to 20 pounds or 27 inches whichever comes first.

Final Thoughts

If you have under-five-year-old babies of different ages and want to stroll them together, a Cruiser all-terrain wagon is a good option. With enough room for babies and groceries (both in the regular and Cruiser XL), push and pull ability, and terrain-friendly wheels, the wagon is a blessing. The only concern of most parents is its hefty price tag. But once you try this premium brand with its high-quality Veer stroller wagon, you realize it's worth buying. You can take two squirming kids around in a Veer stroller wagon with a minimum pushing force comparable to an ordinary stroller: thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame. At a moment's notice, you can fold and throw it into your car due to its super easy folding. The wagon stroller is ideal to take on field trips or to grassy, uneven grounds where ordinary strollers are way difficult to navigate. Just imagine all the ease the Cruiser all-terrain wagon can bring into your life, and you won't help but buy this amazing baby gear.

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