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Do not make the mistake of thinking your baby needs total darkness and silence to sleep.

Shhh uses sounds and light to calm the fussy baby. Mom's womb was very noisy with heart beats, stomach growls, noisy bowels and blood swooshing by. Loud, continual sound has been shown to calm a colicky baby. Knowing this, Shhh includes 3 specific sounds, the shushing sound to calm them, the heartbeat sound to lull them and finally the white noise to keep them asleep. Shhh is portable and battery powered. It comes in really handy when you are traveling. There is a timer and also a nightlight which can be set to pulse with the noise.

  • Features (3) different sounds - shushing, heartbeat and white noise
  • Timer will automatically turn off the unit
  • Soft night light can glow solid or pulse
  • Battery operated, portable and perfect for on-the-go use
  • Requires and includes (2) AA batteries
  • 4.25" Tall x 3" Wide