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Which is the Best Cybex Stroller?

Cybex always wants to be the best in the industry. You can use this trademark and the logo designed on the stroller. It is an all-in-one system with a carry cart, a bassinet, a child seat, and a car seat. Cybex package will provide you with everything you need.

The Cybex Priam contends substantially more with a travel framework. Generally, Priam offers the best of everything in one framework. That is why it is considered the best stroller, so you have used the Cybex stroller.

In this blog, I will explain the best specifications and features of the Priam stroller. Let’s peek into it.

Cybex Priam Stroller

Priam 4 Stroller Frame Rosegold

The CYBEX Priam flaunts a refreshed plan that makes the Priam considerably more alluring. The Priam has altered the business by joining immortal techniques that simplify guardians' lives and match their best standards.

The framework brings simplicity for the parents and solace for the little ones. This idea can be fitted with accuracy in seconds. It's the ideal fit, without fail.

The Priam outline is viable with a seat unit, a newborn child vehicle seat, and a LUX Convey crib. An extendable shelter with UPF50+ insurance safeguards your little one from the sun's brightness. Furthermore, with the Seat Pack's delicate cushioned harness, your child can find solace while you travel in style.


  • Weight: 12.6kg
  • Use from birth to approximately four years
  • Collapsed: L83.5 x W51.5 x H31.5cm
  • Unfurled: L92-83 x W60 x H98.5-108cm
  • Max. kid weight: 22kg 


  • Cushioned outfit
  • Flexible leg rest
  • Advantageous backrest pocket
  • Lean back capability with a lie-level choice
  • One hand is all you want to lean back on.
  • The extendable XXL sun shelter gives UPF50+ sun security
  • All-wheel suspension guarantees a delicate, calm, and agreeable ride
  • Decorate and set out a pad for help and solace
  • The Priam seat can be effectively acclimated to the ideal situation with only a couple of fundamental advances
  • Highlights a roomy, virtually open shopping crate that can be collapsed out when required
  • A novel one-pull harness assists you with getting your little one in the right direction with only one hand
  • The Priam outline is viable with a seat unit, a newborn child vehicle seat, and a LUX Convey Bed

Cybex Prime Stroller Accessories

Here are some Cybex prime stroller accessories:

1: Carrycot

E Priam Lux Carry Cot Jeremy Scott Wings

The carrycot is a liberal size so that you can use it longer than the suggested half-year. The lux carrycot is secure with the mattress. It ensures that the baby is protected. The hood is designed to remove any mishaps. The carry cart has a zip feature when it is open, providing the child with a sky view.

This is used when a carrycot is used as a bed for vacation. Cybex also offers a seat liner from birth to 6 six months of baby and can be used up to 4 years of age.

2: Child Seat

Gazelle S 2nd Seat Ocean Blue

The child seat unit is designed for durability. It offers a large size, easy-to-clear option, and soft fabric. It assures that you have invested in a good product that you can use for years. There are three suitable positions for children. The stroller also works as a high seat on a trip or vacation.

3: Handlebar

If you're a tall mom, this pram would be great. Indeed, even at its lowest level, it's high and 5'5".  It's effectively customizable on the palms.

4: Brakes

The brake is situated on the back bar. It's not the ideal one you have ever used, the Cybex stroller, as it requires a touch of exertion and doesn't give me that total 'lock' fulfillment. However, it finishes the work.

You Can Use Stroller as a Travel System

Despite being another vehicle, our vehicle wasn't viable with Cloud-Z, so that you couldn't utilize it to its maximum capacity. If you use your stroller on and off and want to fit it in a car, it is pretty heavy compared to other stroller options.

This is user-friendly and can easily adjust with the other car seat options. If you want to use the 360-degree seat, you must purchase an Isofix Base.


The Cybex Priam is all you could need in one stroller. You have to used the Cybex stroller and experience it for yourself.

All the attractive stroller comes at an expensive price. So, if you prefer quality over price, this stroller is designed for you. It will surely fit in your house and your car as well. 

After purchasing, you will get a Cybex stroller warranty as well. Macklem's always tries to keep customer satisfaction a priority. Do not forget to take the opportunity at Macklem’s.
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