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Top Travel Systems of 2023

The entry of a child into your life brings many pleasant changes. All you want is to get more time to spend with your little munchkin. Baby brands are helping parents achieve this by designing travel systems. These systems bring convenience in the form of making multiple baby products available at the same time.

Now, you can carry your baby with you anywhere, right from birth, with more comfort and convenience, thanks to travel systems!

What Comprises a Travel System?

Usually, the term “travel system” includes a baby stroller and an infant seat, along with additional accessories like car seat base, adapters, etc. used together. The travel system makes it super convenient to move your baby from a stroller to a seat or vice versa.

Before the advent of the travel system, moving your baby from the seat to the stroller needed much effort. For that, parents had to unbuckle their child from the seat, carry it to the stroller, place it, and buckle it all over again. But now, thanks to a travel system, you can lift the seat carrying the baby from its base and snap it to the frame of the stroller, that's it! On one hand, this saves your time, and you can also carry your sleeping baby undisturbed with more ease. Another benefit of using a travel system is that it supports your baby and enables them to use a stroller right from birth.

Types of Travel Systems

When it comes to deciding about travel systems, parents have two options:

  1. All-in-One: The all-in-one travel system includes different brand packages, including a stroller paired with a seat. They design their products to complement each other; hence, buying this package eliminates the need to buy separate adapters for adjusting seats with the stroller. 
  2. Custom tailor your own: You can also build your travel system by pairing different seats with strollers of your choice. However, you need to buy separate adapters for combining products from different brands, and it costs you more at the end of the day.

Let’s have an overview of the top all-in-one travel systems.

Nuna TAVO & PIPA Travel System

TAVO™ + PIPA™ travel system


  • A Tavo stroller can accommodate children up to 50 lbs.
  • The PIPA seat is suitable for babies (with an infant car insert) between 4 lbs to 35 lbs, or up to 32” tall.

The Tavo + PIPA from Nuna creates a tasteful travel system with no adapters required.

The Tavo stroller has a range of features, such as:

  • Easy folding
  • A spacious seat that grows with your child
  • Suspension system for a smooth ride
  • Removable infant inserts enable newborns to ride safely even without attaching the PIPA car seat.
  • TAVO is like a piece of luggage, folding and rolling behind you.

The PIPA seat also has a multitude of features:

  • A 5-point harness
  • Machine-washable premium microfiber fabrics
  • Added safety and comfort with side impact protection
  • Aircraft-certified car seat
  • Either use it with its base or with a seat belt.

Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max 5-in-1 Travel System


  • The Zelia Max stroller is suitable for children up to 50 lbs
  • Mico Max 30 accommodates babies (with an infant insert) between 4 lbs to 30 lbs, or up to 32” tall.

This travel system comes in an affordable range, which suits parents with limited budgets.

The Zelia Max is versatile with 5 following features:

  • 5 different configurations for your child’s different stages of development
  • Extendable flip-out canopy with peekaboo mesh window
  • Long-lasting wheels
  • Includes a boot and rain cover
  • The stroller seat fully reclines in carriage mode, allowing your newborn to lie flat

The Mico Max 30 seat facilitates you owing to its following features:

  • Self-wicking fabrics for regulating your baby's body temperature
  • An insert for extra head support
  • Side impact protection due to its anti-rebound bar
  • Aircraft-certified seat
  • You can install it with or without its base

Peg Perego YPSI Travel System

Ypsi Travel System 


  • The YPSI stroller accommodates children from birth to 50 lbs
  • Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido is suitable for babies between 4 lbs and 35 lbs, or up to 32” tall.

The YPSI strollers offer you some extra perks, such as:

  • A reversible seat
  • An adjustable seat, backrest, handle, and footrest
  • Convertible to a double YPSI stroller with the purchase of a companion seat.
  • The stroller is compatible with the YPSI bassinet, purchased separately

The 4-35 Nido seat presents the following salient features:

  • Dense EPP and EPS foam that absorbs impact forces
  • Side impact protection with an anti-rebound bar
  • A load leg
  • A European belt path in addition to a latch for extra protection when the seat is installed without a base.

Cybex Balios With Aton 2 Travel System


  • Balios S Lux stroller is suitable from birth (with cot S or Cybex infant car seat) to 55 lbs.
  • The Aton 2 infant seat accommodates babies between 4 lbs (with an infant insert) to 35 lbs and 30” tall.

This travel system combines comfort with convenience. You need adapters for it, but they are included in the package.

The Balios S Lux premium stroller brings luxury with the following features:

  • A reversible seat, both forward and rear-facing
  • Wheels are puncture-proof and all-terrain suitable
  • A spacious storage basket with a capacity of 11 lbs
  • An adjustable handlebar

The Aton 2 provides maximum protection to your little one with the following specifications:

  • A load leg that reduces crash forces by 50%
  • Linear side impact protection
  • An extra-large 50+ canopy
  • A European belt routing for extra protection when using this infant seat without a car seat belt

Custom-Tailored Travel System

In addition to the above-mentioned travel setups, you can design your own in different combinations, such as:

  • UPPAbaby: CRUZ V2 or VISTA V2 stroller + MESA V2 seat (this seat needs no adapters).
  • Nuna: MIXX Next stroller + any PIPA seat (it attaches without any adapters).
  • Baby Jogger: City Select 2 strollers + City Go seat (the combo needs adapters).
  • Combination: Bugaboo Fox 5 stroller + Clek Liing seat (requires adapters).

Although, for new parents, it may not sound like a big deal to transfer your child from the seat directly to the stroller, it is a sigh of relief in today’s busy life. Choose any travel system according to your individual needs and add more convenience to your life.

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