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Top Educational Toys

Parents’ love for their kids is matchless. Every parent wants to provide their children with the best possible facilities. However, besides making every possible provision for your bundle of joy, you also need to equip them with the best skills and education. The first step towards this journey starts with providing educational toys to your little one that help your child develop critical thinking and unravel their creativity and hidden skills.

There is a range of baby toys nowadays; some help build their love for nature, others strengthen their counting and math skills, still, others are related to building and engineering, and so on. To help you select the best toys for your baby, we have provided a list in this article. Let's go through it.

Exploring Nature - Educational Toys

To inculcate more interest and curiosity about our planet Earth, you need to introduce nature toys to your baby. For your convenience, we have mentioned a few here, for instance:

  • Moluk Plui Weather Set: Help your child learn about the rain phenomenon with this weather set. The set includes a rain cloud and sun made of plastic and a Pluii brush. Fill the rain cloud with water, and through holes at its bottom, pour water to give it a rain effect.
  • Hape Jungle Maze: This magnetic maze makes your baby learn about the jungle and its wild animals in a fun way.
  • Rainbow Stacking Toy Sunset: Introduce the concept of a rainbow with this stacking toy made of silicone. It can be used as a puzzle, to build, or to balance the stack, both indoors and outdoors.


                           Plui Weather Set                                                                                         Jungle Maze                                                                                                         Rainbow stacking toy

Learning Mathematics

Now you can help your child learn mental math through these toys, such as:

  • Jellycat Amusable Numbers Book: Your little one learns to count from 1 to 10 with funny friends in this book. Funky pictures make them learn to count through eggs, stars, and paint pots.
  • Janod Magnetic Geometric Puzzle: This magnetic toy with 120 magnets of different colors and shapes helps your 4-year-old learn geometrical shapes. With the help of 20 template cards, they can reproduce different shapes, hence improving their motor skills too.
  • Bright Starts Cupcakes Shape Sorting Toy: This toy introduces the concept of shapes through 6 easy-to-grasp cupcakes. Your baby discovers squares, circles, triangles, and more.
  • Leika Wooden Stacking Rings: This is a multicolor wooden stackable toy with rings and a cute animal face at the top. This helps your child learn counting skills.


Amuseable Numbers Book                            Magnetic Puzzle                    Sort & Sweet Cupcakes Shape          

Igniting Imagination

Introduce the concept of science to your little one by focusing on force, speed, and connectivity. Some toys that can help you in this regard are:

  • Skip Hop Pop-Up Toy: This toy gives a playful intro to the cause-and-effect concept of your baby. When their little hands press the buttons, it results in a pop-up of their four cute friends, such as the peek-a-boo fox, spinning hedgehog, and more.
  • Skip Hop Bingo Game: It's a classic bingo game based on the concept of a zoo. The 78-piece set helps encourage image recognition and matching, hand-to-eye coordination, and the development of fine motor skills.
  • Sand and Water Wheel by Hape: Another toy that gives the cause-and-effect concept to your little one. When the child fills the funnel with water, sand, or small stones, the wheels turn.


Explore & More Pop-Up Toy                                    Zoo Crew Bingo Game Toy                        Double Sand and Water Wheel


Help your little one develop a sense of self-immersion with these toys:

  • Wee Gallery Art Cards: This includes a range of art card collections, from rainforest to baby animals, ocean and woodland collections, etc. Your baby gets fascinated with black and white designs printed on a sturdy board.
  • Janod Crazy Face Magnetic Book: You can make your little one learn about different emotions through this magnetic book. When they create funny or sad faces with magnets, it introduces them to emotions besides having fun.
  • Barefoot Books: Their different books introduce concepts, such as “Are You Sleeping”, which helps your baby learn about different animals’ sleeping patterns.

Educate Your Baby - Educational Toys

Your baby’s toys are much more than just a way to have fun. Educate your young learners through their toys. Make them explore nature, learn counting, recognize shapes and colors, and engage in puzzles and activities to sharpen their tiny brains. Your young learner may grow up and inspire the next generation, so prepare them well.

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