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Stoke Tripp Trapp High Chair - An In-depth Analysis

The Tripp Trapp chair is the product of the Stokke brand, which invests energy and time in youngsters' and children's stuff and products. Stokke has turned into a remarkable brand in the business by representing and producing premium products.

These child items are designed in such a way they can help in child upbringing. Chair is Stokke's most notable thing and has great client reviews about its features and specifications.

During our reviews and survey, we learned about many questions regarding the product, and here we are trying to give you all your answers. 

So, let’s get into it.

Stokke Tripp Tapp Chair

Stokke Tripp Tapp Chair

A Stokke is an excellent product for your youngster. It grows along with your youngster. It is environmentally friendly and robust. There are a couple of choices accessible for your high chair.

However, the real one you want to search for is durability. The chair has been known to survive many collisions; that is, this product is highly recommended for your younger child. 

The chair fits your child and the table and is helpful during eating. It has different heights and widths, allowing you to use a similar chair for a long time. This high chair can grow with your child, which is a plus point about this product.

The Stokke can be utilized as a high chair for a specific period. Its weight limit is 242 pounds, and it can accommodate a little older children.

This chair has movable footrests and no need for further protection. If you have pets, it is simple and easy to clear your toddler chair.

What are the Key Features?

  • The Stokke Tripp Trapp looks perfect at the table, mainly if you pick the color that matches your interior.
  • With the Trip Trapp child set and plate, the chair is the ideal chair for those children who have untidy eating habits. 
  • From this, your child's training started. The plate, child, and harness straps are removed as your child grows, and both the cushion and chair are flexible to accommodate youngsters.
  • When your child knows how to eat, simply remove the plate from the Stokke and set the chair with your dining table.

Stokke Chair Accessories 

  • Child set - It is essential for the starting few months of the child. This child set helps keep your baby safe and secure.
  • Cushion - This product comforts your baby in the initial months, but you don't need to purchase it.
  • Tray - Despite the flaws that make washing difficult, the plate implies a child can make a massive mess without getting food all around your eating table.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing the Chair?

    • The Tripp Trapp chair can be used for a more extended period. This chair will give you a lot of mileage to spend money on your kid’s products. This is why this chair is beneficial for children and babies.
    • This is a handy chair. It accommodates baby rest, dinners for children, and even schoolwork for your school-going kids. 
    • The chair needs more space in the kitchen. This chair is very compact, and it is designed in a way that allows space-saving.
    • Tripp Trap accessories like set, cushion, and tray are affordable. You can choose which you want to purchase with the Stokke chair.
    • The chair has a harness and footrests that give stability and full support to the toddler. It maintains complete protection and security.

How do you Adjust?

Adjusting the chair is very simple. Here is how you can adjust your chair.

1: Chair Height Adjustment

To adjust your chair height, flip your chair upwards. There are two plastic slides at the bottom. Locate and slide them up and down to adjust your chair according to your child's size and age.

2: Footrest Adjustment

The footrest adjustment provides support to your child. To adjust it, find the metal road under the seat. Then, move these metal rods to different holes to adjust the footrest height according to your kid's comfort.

3: Depth Adjustment

The chair depth adjustment features depend on your chair model. Find out the knobs which are loosened to slide the seat. Adjust it according to your child's comfort.

4: Harness Adjustment

Some chair has some safety harness. If your child's chair has a saddle, it can be adjusted by the length of the strap. See the manual to change it.

Hence, the Shokke chair is a beneficial product for your child’s growth. Don’t think twice before purchasing it.

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