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Nuna Car Seat - Right Choice For Your Child in Toronto

As a new parent, you might be confused while buying a seat for your child. With so many seats on the market, each with different features, it’s not surprising to face difficulty while selecting one.

No single Nuna car seat in Toronto could be the right fit for everyone. But if you want to try one brand that can cover your child from birth until they grow out of infant seats, then try seats Toronto. These seats are considered the safest choice on the market. If you want to know all about seats, we are going to discuss them in this article; keep reading!

Nuna Seats Toronto

If you are a resident of Toronto, Canada, then visit Macklem’s Baby Store to find a range of baby seats from different brands. As far as Nuna is concerned, it designs the safest seats on the market.

The brand produces different kinds of seats Toronto. Following is the list of multiple Seats in Toronto: 

1. Nuna PIPA Baby Seat Toronto

Nuna Pipa Caviar Toronto - Baby Car Seat

The PIPA series has infant seats that you can use for your little one from birth up to one year of age. There are six seat models. Nuna PIPA, Lite, PIPA RX, PIPA Lite R, PIPA Lite RX, and PIPA Lite LX. All models have some common features that make seats among the best. These include:
  • Steel-reinforced load legs: A steel load leg decreases the chance of forward rotation of seats by 90% in the event of a crash.
  • Metal LATCH connectors: Instead of having a belt or flexible LATCH connector seen in traditional seats, PIPA seats have rigid LATCH connectors. These are 50% stronger than the belt, providing additional safety for seats.
  • EPS foam: Usually PIPA seats are made with EPS foam, an inflexible material that tries to stop shock from reaching your little angel. However, the Lite model has a flexible EPP foam called Aeroflex in it. Aeroflex absorbs and distributes shock energy away from your baby. Also, unlike other seats that have inflexible EPS foam in a thick plastic cover, PIPA Lite seats are fused with flexible foam. This creates a unique seat, light in weight yet strong.
  • Temperature-resistant fabric: The fabric of the baby seat keeps your little angels cool in the hot summer while toasty warm in the cold winter season.
  • Easy to carry: You can carry away this seat easily with its lightweight aluminum carry handle.
  • Five-point harness: This seat ensures maximum security for your child with a 5-point harness. Also, its operation is very simple, with just a single-pull harness adjustment.
  • Stroller compatible: All the seats can attach to your stroller. This provides you with two-for-one benefits, where you can ride and stroll in one seat.

2. Nuna Rava Baby Seat Toronto

If your little munchkin has outgrown the seat, you have another option from Nuna: the baby seat. The Rava seat is a convertible seat meant to stay in your vehicle. If you haven’t bought PIPA and straight away opted for a seat, then Rava can accept your baby at 5 pounds. However, at this level, you need an infant insert in the seat.

Nuna Rava Cavier Toronto - Best baby Car Seat

Rava offers the following benefits: 

  • Prolong rear-facing position: Using the Rava seat gives your baby a chance to stay in the front position for a longer period compared to other convertible seats. This seat has a rear-facing weight limit of 50 pounds, and the pop-out footrest adds two inches of legroom for additional comfort.
  • Intuitive installation: A seat provides benefits only if installed correctly. Nuna has made seat installation much easier with the intuitive design of Rava.
  • Lower anchor/latch system: The Rava seat has two installation methods: the vehicle seat belt or lower anchor belt; only one method is used at a time. Underneath the seat pad of this seat is a door that allows the seat belt to be threaded and buckled on the other side. There are two belt paths, one for the front position, coded in blue, and the other for the forward-facing position of this seat, coded in red to be easily distinguished. Also, you can use the lower anchors in rear-facing Nuna seats for a child weighing 35 pounds (15.8kg) or less. While in the forward-facing seat, a latch can be used for a child weighing 40 pounds (18.1kg) or less.
  • Six recline positions: One recline position for the rear-facing seat while 5 for the forward-facing Rava seat.
  • Ventilation panels: The breathable and washable knit fabric of this seat, along with ventilation panels, creates a comfortable climate for your child.
  • Adjustable infant inserts: Infant head and body inserts are removable, so they can grow with your baby.
  • Simple switch: It’s not a big deal to switch this seat from rear-facing to forward-facing simply with ease.

3. Nuna AACE Seat Toronto

This is one of Nuna's seats that acts as a booster seat that can grow with your child. It can convert from a high-back booster to a backless booster during your child’s transition from preschool to pre-teen. Some salient features of this seat are:
  • This seat has three positions and a large seat depth.
  • It has a 9-position adjustable headrest.
  • In a high-back position, this seat offers side-impact protection pods and shock-absorbing foam.
  • This seat ensures proper installation with color-coded indicators for belt position.

Wrapping It Up

These seats offer a range for the apple of your eye: from infant seats in the form of the PIPA series to RAVA convertible seats and a booster seat in the form of the Nuna AACE. All of these seats in Toronto are among the safest, and you can choose one according to your child’s unique needs.

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