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How to Wash Nuna PIPA Car Seat?

If you are using a seat for your little one, be prepared; it will require more washes than a regular adult seat. The reason is obvious: your baby can have accidents like throwing milk or having blowouts. Then you might wonder how to clean a baby seat.

Well, it depends on which seat you have. For instance, if you have a PIPA infant seat, we can help you learn, “how to wash Nuna seat”.


PIPA Cleaning Guide

Before we answer your question “How to wash seat”, first you need to understand how to remove the seat from the stroller or its base.

For release from a stroller, all you need to do is simply press down on its two gray buttons simultaneously. After that, lift up the seat from your stroller. To make the stroller stay in its place and not get lifted up, place a foot on the stroller to push it down while pressing the gray buttons.

To remove the seat from its base if you have installed it using the Latch system, squeeze with your index finger and thumb on the indicator window and pull back. Repeat the procedure on both sides of the seat.

To remove the cover of the Nuna seat, first look for plastic tabs that hold the cover onto the seat. Then pull these plastic tabs downward to detach them, then lift up the seat cover. Remove the belts from your car latch system. For that, push the middle seat belt out of the Nuna cover. Recline the car seat forward and unhook the rest of the seat belts from the cover. Then detach the seat belts through the seat belt holes in the PIPA.

As there are many parts of the seat, let's understand one by one how to clean each part.

How to Wash

To clean the PIPA seat, you need to follow certain instructions if you want a longer life for your seat.

  • For metal, vinyl, and plastic components of the seat, you can use a soft cloth or a damp sponge.
  • You can machine wash the fabric of the seat in a delicate cycle with cold water and mild detergent. After that, let the fabric dry instead of using a machine dryer.
  • For harness system cleaning, use mild soap and water. Let the harness dry after the wash. You can wipe the outer side of the harness buckle with a damp cloth.

How to Wash Seat Cover

To clean the PIPA cover, you have the option of machine washing it in cold water. However, avoid machine drying because it can mess up the cover; simply let it air dry. You can also machine wash the insert in the seat with mild soap and water. The support wedge on the back of the infant insert needs spot-cleaning only; no need to wash it. After you are done with the infant insert cleaning, let it air dry.

After going through the above guide, you must have found the answer to “how to wash PIPA seat”. With better care, the cover of seat will last longer.

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