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How to Fold UPPAbaby Vista

Uppababy Vista is unique and robust since many guardians think that it is exciting and don’t know how to fold Vista. You might think folding the Vista would be a hassle. However, you can make use of some essential steps and techniques to move your stroller quickly. But How?

Our guide has a number of steps that help you understand how Vista folds. As soon as you know the process, you can take the stroller anywhere you wish, whether in a car or any location you really need.

This article will guide you through the Vista folding procedure. 

Process to Set your Stroller before Vista Folds

Before you begin rolling the Vista, make sure that the stroller and its elements are in good condition. You should set up your stroller as follows:

  • Choose an area with sufficient room to move the stroller without snagging. The location should be anywhere inside or outside; it doesn’t matter.
  • Remove all the accessories you might have added to the stroller. This protects these things from likely harm during folding.
  • Cleaning the stroller routinely can assist with preventing issues during folding and keeping the stroller functioning at its best. 

Vista V2 Theo

Method of Folding the Vista 

  • The primary fold typically includes a handle or switch, usually on the stroller edge, that you activate to begin the folding.
  • The secondary fold is often situated close to the stroller edge or handle and may include triggers or buttons that should be squeezed or turned.

Vista Primary Folding Procedure

  • Untie your child from the Vista seat and carefully pull them out of the baby stroller.
  • If you think that your stroller is still standing, lean it back to give it more space to fold.
  • Remove the whole shade if it is open.
  • Find out where the stroller folding points are. These are situated close to the handlebar or on the sides of the stroller.
  • Pull the switches at the same time while pushing the stroller forward slowly. The stroller starts to fold.
  • As you push the stroller downward, it will eventually fall. 
  • Many strollers have a hook or lash for folding. Make use of this to prevent incidental unfolding.  

Vista Secondary Folding Process

The secondary folding process lets you fold the carriage with the UPPAbaby Vista toddler seat and bassinet attached, which can be helpful when moving the carriage. Here, we give a general overview of the process of rolling the Vista.

  • After following the folding process carefully, move the stroller open, where you are ready to fold the carriage, and connect the Vista seat.
  • The Vista seat is on its side; lean it back wholly to give it more space to fold.
  • If you want to change the bar level to make folding more manageable, do so.
  • Search for the folding trigger, which is typically situated on the stroller's handlebar or edge near the Vista toddler seat
  • While holding the folding trigger, at the same time, pull the folding triggers in. This might require using two hands—one for the primary trigger and one for the secondary trigger.
  • Keep pushing the carriage downward until it ultimately falls. 
  • Use the strap to secure the folding; otherwise, it causes an accident.


  • Make sure all connections (seat, bassinet, etc.) are disconnected. Ensure that the brake is fully applied and the folding buttons are not locked improperly.
  • Check twice to see if any obstacles or loose parts prevent the stroller from locking correctly. Make sure the folding instrument is completely locked in place.
  • If the handlebar level change is challenging, use delicate pressure and ensure the locking component is adjusted correctly.
  • If your brakes don't work, check for soil that may be interfering with the system. If necessary, clean and grease the area.


Therefore, this guide has helped you understand the folding of the Vista. We have explained each step very briefly for your understanding. It gives you the confidence to learn this skill in your daily life as a new mother. We hope that this article has resolved your issue with folding the stroller.

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