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How to Assemble YOYO Stroller?

BabyZen YOYO is one of the most compact strollers that you can accompany your little one right from birth to toddlerhood. To prolong the life of this lightweight and travel-friendly stroller, you need to take its proper care and maintenance.

To start with, first, get familiar with “how to assemble YOYO stroller” and then learn about its folding and unfolding properly.

Assembling BabyZen YOYO: A Step-Wise Guide

After unboxing your YOYO, if you need to know “how to assemble YOYO”, follow these instructions:

Installing The Backrest

  • With the help of a coin, retract the white pin.
  • From the back, try to insert the backrest.
  • Take the side of the backrest without a pin, then mount the hinge into the YOYO chassis.
  • Align the hinge on the right-hand side of the backrest.
  • Then push the white pin to lock the backrest in its position.

Installation of Seat Fabric

  • Mount the seat base fabric over the backrest.
  • Fix plastic clips onto both sides of the stroller frame.
  • Place the straps around the lateral tubes to secure them.
  • Secure the two straps under the seat fabrics by inserting them into their corresponding slots.
  • Straps on the front center of the base fabrics by looping through their slot in the base.
  • For securing the straps on the sides of base fabrics, loop them around the horizontal bar through a buckle on the back.

Canopy Installation

  • First, insert a large metal wire inside the front rim of the canopy.
  • Place a small metal wire inside the rear rim of the canopy.
  • Insert the ends of the small wire into the handlebar inner mounts, then secure them with cord loops.
  • In a similar fashion insert the ends of the large wire into the handlebar external mounts and secure them with cord loops.
  • Attach the rear section of the canopy to the back of the seat backrest.

Basket & Shoulder Strap Installation

  • Attach shoulder straps to the rings under the seat.
  • Secure the four straps in front of the stroller basket by taking them through slots located on the footrest.
  • Make the straps safe on the rear rim of the basket by looping through the slots on the rear legs.

Installation of Seat Pad and Harness

  • Thread the shoulder straps of the harness through any one of the four pairs of slots on the seat pad, adjusting them according to the height of your child.
  • Thread the waist straps of the harness through the slots on the pad.
  • Continue threading the harness crotch straps similarly.
  • Fix the front loop of the pad to a hook underneath the seat.

Follow the above-mentioned instructions to understand “how to gather YOYO stroller”. YOYO folds and unfolds in a moment and you can wear it with its shoulder strap or tuck it in your car trunk or airplane cabin. Enjoy this versatile, super-compact, and sturdy stroller that provides ultimate comfort for your child.

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