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How does a Standard Crib give your Baby a Safe Environment to Sleep in?

The time has arrived, and you are going to welcome someone into your life. You have to purchase a lot of stuff for the baby. The main thing you have to buy is baby cribs. It is a tough decision you have made for your baby because your new one’s safety comes into place.

Macklem’s make sure your baby's security and safety is the one thing to do. We try to offer the best cribs. If you want, then you can buy crib from our store.

Moreover, the baby crib is a one-time product to purchase. In this blog, we will discuss crib and why it is important to purchase crib.

Origami Mini Crib Grey

What is a Standard Crib?

Standard Crib is the best-selling product on It is designed for the parents who have their own house. It does carry from one place to another because it is too much heavy. You can use standard cribs till your baby grows almost 26 inches in height.

You can put your child in a crib with toys. He can play with toys while you keep working in the same room. Because of the grill the cribs has, parents can constantly keep an eye on the baby.

Standard cribs have many shapes and designs. You can choose and purchase cribs according to your taste and your room's interior design. They are huge and take up space in their room. 


The Baby Crib has many features. The most important ones are given below. You can read them before buying a crib. 

  • Crib is designed with an effective wood. This makes the crib Canada robust, durable and sustainable. 
  • The crib is not made of any toxic material. It is properly designed with good wood material, which is very important for baby safety as well.
  • It is a convertible bed. You can also convert it into a bed at your baby's sleeping time. This makes your child familiar with his bed.
  • The mattress of the crib is of good quality. The spring mattress keeps your crib used for a long time and is suitable for baby ventilation while sleeping.
  • The baby grip has four adjustment levels. You can adjust it according to the height and weight of your baby. It also helps to keep your child from any mishap and sudden accident.
  • The crib can give the feature to lower and upper the position of the mattress while the baby is in your crib.
  • There are wheels attached to the crib, which makes it portable. So, you can take it from one room to another. If the crib does have any wheels, you can purchase it on your own.
  • There is a rail on the crib. The babies can bite it with your teeth. You need to make sure that the teething crib is in its position or not on a daily basis.

Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib Washed Natural

Steps to Keep your Baby Secure in Standard Crib 

There are four ways by which you can keep your baby secure in a crib. These steps are given below:

  • You must keep your child in the crib until it turns to three. It is the most crucial recommendation as a parent. The cribs keep your child secure when you are not around.
  • You can lower the position of the mattress in the crib to keep your baby secure when you get to know that your baby can now sit and crawl easily. This is important to do. 
  • If your baby is sharing with you, keep the crib as much away from your bed as possible. It keeps the crib reliable for a long time, and your baby sleeps well at night.
  • Try to avoid keeping the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals in the crib Canada. This stuff makes your toddler uncomfortable while sleeping.

Where to get?

The crib features allow all parents to buy it. If the security of your child matters, despite any affordability, We suggest just having a look at Macklems. It is the best place to purchase crib.  

There are many stores from where you can purchase cribs online. But Macklem’s assures you of safety and security for your little one. It is the best place to buy crib. Our cribs fulfil all the safety guidelines. You can trust us.

Summing up

Crib is one of the most important decisions that parents make for their children. By reading our blog, you have gained much understanding regarding crib. You have decided to purchase it from Macklem's. Visit our online store to learn more about the product.

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