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Perks of Having Diaper Genie As Nurturing Partner

Parents of soon-to-arrive babies have to think much beyond the basic requirements of setting up a baby nursery and buying baby gear. Your baby’s nursery is a place where you and your little bundle of joy spend a lot of time. Not only should it have a visible pleasant and soothing ambiance, but also a refreshing aroma, which is symbolic of a baby nursery. 

A place where your baby spends the most time needs proper hygiene maintenance. A baby nursery demands more than normal house cleaning for many reasons. First, your baby has a delicate immune system that is not able to handle many germs. Secondly, babies throw a lot, and their diaper smell is another issue to be taken care of. To deal with all these problems, Genie has come up with a good solution. If you are not familiar with Genie, go through this article, and you will come to know what kind of scent it has brought to your nursery.

Why Do I Need?

Babies use a lot of diapers, approximately 9,600 in 3 years: before they learn to be toilet trained. You can’t run to a trash can every time you change your baby’s diaper; hence, you need to hold them somewhere without having a bad odor in your nursery. Genie has brought a solution to this problem in the form of its complete diaper pail with Max Fresh Genie Refills.

Diaper Genie Elite

Diaper Genie Elite- White

It is the only diaper disposal system your nursery needs. Genie Elite is a trash can with seven-layer refill bags, an activated carbon filter, and double airtight clamps that work together as an ultimate odor-locking system. As a parent, you must be familiar with how unpleasant a diaper smell could be, especially if a trash bin is full of diapers. Bearing such a bin in your baby's nursery is not only a nuisance in itself, but it poses a threat to your baby’s health owing to the growth of bacteria in the trash bin, which could also pollute the room air.

Genie Elite, along with its Extra Fresh refills, has a built-in odor and an antimicrobial agent that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. As a result, your nursery remains fresh and odorless. Some of the salient features of Genie are:

Built-in Antimicrobial

The Elite Genie pail as well as its refill bags both contain built-in antimicrobials that inhibit bacterial growth. On the other hand, in ordinary bins, such bacteria amplify bad odors usually within minutes, especially during hot weather. The pail has antimicrobials, while the Extra Fresh Genie Refill also has built-in odor-controlling antimicrobials. Both of these functions work together to control bad smell and growth of bacteria.

Hands-free, Hygienic Opening

Genie Elite is the tallest pail with a foot pedal that allows easy, hygienic, and hands-free opening, without bending.

Conceals Dirty Diaper Odors

On the one hand, Elite Genie inhibits bacterial growth to stop bad odors from multiplying over time, while the Fresh Genie Refill has a clean laundry scent. Both of them try to neutralize and conceal a bad diaper smell.

Your Nursery Remains Fresh

Most other pails without air clamps can’t lock bad diaper smell inside. On the other hand, the Elite Genie, with its double air-tight clamps, locks the dirty diaper odor inside the pail. Secondly, the seven-layered Genie Refill and a carbon filter further protect the bad odor from leaking into the nursery.

Diaper Genie Refills

Diaper Genie® Disposal System Refill

These are refill packs with upgraded and improved technology that you require for the Elite Diaper Genie. A clean laundry scent and seven-layer design seal the dirty diaper odor inside the pail. Also, a built-in antimicrobial controls the bacterial growth on the film, which further controls bad odor production. A single pack can hold up to 270 newborn-sized diapers. Another advantage of using Extra Fresh Genie Refill is that they not only keep your nursery smelling fresh, but their opaque film also hides dirty diapers, which is a nuisance to deal with.

Hence, your Diaper Genie Refills, along with the pail, are a must-have for your nursery due to the following features:

Seven layers

The seven layers of Genie Refills make them durable on one hand and also serve the purpose of retaining bad diaper odor.

Opaque Film

Due to their opaque film, the Max Fresh bags hide dirty diapers while emptying the pail.

Clean Laundry Scent

Genie Refills have a refreshing, clean laundry scent. It helps neutralize the strong diaper odor to keep your nursery refreshing.

Antimicrobial Chemicals

Due to a built-in odor-controlling antimicrobial, Genie Refill inhibit bacterial growth. Hence, no more bad odor multiplication due to bacterial growth control within Max Fresh bags.

Fewer Trash Trips

A continuous supply of 270 Fresh refill bags in one pack gives you the flexibility to change the bag when it's feasible for you. Hence, fewer trips to trash cans, and that too as per your convenience.

Objective To Buy

A nursery is a place where your little angel spends the maximum time of their early life. They sleep, eat, and play there, hence, you need to create a pleasant and healthy environment for them where they can safely enjoy their playful activities. A baby can’t be imagined without a diaper, and the presence of a diaper pail in the nursery makes it difficult to maintain a refreshing environment. However, Genie has a solution to all these problems in the form of its Elite pail and Max Fresh refill bags. Now, with Genie, you can lock the bad diaper odor within the pail, and the clean laundry scent of refill bags further neutralizes the bad odor. Both of them work together to keep your nursery fresh and odorless.

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