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How does Clek Oobr Canada Car Seat is different from others?

As far as car seats are concerned, Clek Oobr Canada is well known. Oobr has taken into consideration every possible requirement of parents while designing a Clek seat.

If you want to learn what is special about a Clek convertible seat and how it is different from others, go through this article.

Clek Oobr Car Seat

Oobr has introduced a smart design in its convertible seat that focuses on safety besides mimicking features of a regular vehicle seat. Your child enjoys a Clek car seat as a regular car seat, except it is sized according to them. The seat keeps your child comfortable, especially during long rides. Other salient features of this seat from Oobr Canada are:

  • This seat has a headrest just like your automobile seat that adds comfort to your child, and parents find it easy to adjust due to vehicle seat similarity.
  • The seat is spacious, with ample room for your growing child.
  • The seat back reclines just like your vehicle seat, a big plus during long rides.
  • The seat features additional safety for your little one owing to a high-impact copolymer frame, an energy-absorbing EPP foam, and a steel base with integrated rigid LATCH connectors for stability.
  • Oobr is the first seat manufacturer to introduce a metal substructure in a seat. A strong magnesium seat frame adds to its strength.
  • The seat has a removable back, so it goes from a high back to a backless seat, making it easy for parents to accommodate their child in it for longer. The high-back model accommodates 4-year and older children, between 38 to 57 inches tall and 33 to 100 pounds in weight. While in backless mode, this seat accommodates children above 4 years, between 40 to 57 inches tall and 40 to 100 pounds in weight.
  • All models of Oobr are free of any added flame retardants.

Premium Safety

When it comes to selecting a booster seat, for parents the safety of their children is their top priority. Oobr has devised a superior safety system to protect your child from the front, rear, and sides. This system comprises energy-absorbing foam, a magnesium back frame, a structural headrest, a rigid LATCH system, and belt guides.

Energy-Absorbing Foam

Multiple layers of EPP (energy-absorption foam) can better absorb shock energy in case of a crash, not letting it transfer to your child.

Structural Headrest

Clek Oobr has designed the headrest of this seat to be deep with padded side wings to offer maximum side impact protection. Also, it reduces twisting movements by keeping your little one’s head and neck in a stable position in the event of a crash.


The latch system allows parents to lock the booster seat with their vehicle’s LATCH system securely with an audible click sound. It gives additional stability to the seat in case of a collision.

Magnesium Back Frame

In the event of a collision, the magnesium back frame of the Clek seat protects your child’s torso. Additionally, steel rods along the back keep the headrest well-placed.

Belt Guides

Belt guides attach to the headrest and ensure the safety belt is positioned properly across your child’s hips and shoulders.

All components of safety work together to protect your child and ensure a secure ride when the vehicle is in motion. By raising your child 4 inches, this booster seat improves their safety through better positioning of shoulder belts and seat belts. If you are looking for a safe and secure seat for your child, we recommend you give Oobr a try.

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