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Tiny Treasures: Discovering Delightful Baby Toys Toronto

Your baby’s toys are their first love. They are your baby’s companions and part of their imaginary world. Hence, baby toy shopping is not an easy deal. You need to be extra cautious while buying toys for your newborns and toddlers. Always keep in mind high-quality, excellent stuff and hygiene maintenance during baby toy shopping.

Macklem’s Baby Store Toronto is famous for its world-class brands. Here you can find everything related to your baby, from baby furniture to baby gear, clothing to bathing accessories, baby feeding, safety, or baby toys. If you are a new parent-to-be and don’t have an idea about baby toy shopping, go through this article and update your knowledge about baby toy shopping.

Different Types of Baby Toys Toronto

You will be amazed to learn about the variety and kinds of baby toys on the market. There are sensory toys, stuff toys, active gyms, wooden toys, books, flashcards, car seat toys, puzzles, etc. If you have heard some names for the first time, don’t worry, we will make you familiar with them all one by one.

Baby Sensory Toys

These toys are designed to stimulate a child’s five senses: touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight. We have a good collection of baby sensory toys at Macklem’s store, such as:

Fat Brain Toy Innybin


This pack of baby sensory toys has six chunky shape blocks, including a cube, a diamond, a triangle, a sphere, a flower, and a happy fat brain logo. There is also an elastic-banded cube or box measuring  5.5x 5.5x 5.5 inches. The child plays by pushing shape blocks through the elastic bands of the cube. Not only does this toy keep your baby busy, but it also sparks a thrill in their fingers, curiosity in their minds, and improves more focused vision.

Hape Rattle and Teething Collection

Rattle and Teething Collection

This collection of baby sensory toys is made from rice-based, safe material. Now you can give these rattles and teething toys to your little angel right after their birth.

Baby Stuffies Toronto

Due to their soft and moldable texture and a variety of shapes mimicking animals and cartoon characters, babies love stuffies. We have quite a collection of baby stuffies Toronto; let’s have some top picks:

Jellycat Baby Stuffies Toronto

Jellycat understands your baby very well, which is why it has brought you an exciting range of animal stuffies. You can pick any of these baby stuffies Toronto such as a Birdling Woodpecker, Fabulous Fruit Melon, Vivacious Vegetable Kale Leaf, Raccoon, Amuseable Coffee-to-Go, and many more.

Folkmanis Puppets

They have also brought an amazing collection of baby stuffies Toronto, such as Tuxedo Kitten, Porcupine Puppet, Beaver Puppet, Hooting Owl, and many others available at Macklem’s store.

Baby Activity Gyms & Playmats Toronto

From 6-8 weeks on, your baby starts showing interest in playing with activity gyms. Our range of baby activity gyms & playmats Toronto at Macklem’s store includes:

Kaloo Multi Activities Rattle

Multi Activities Rattle Monkey Sam

A colorful rattle that can stimulate your little one’s visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Also, it has a teething ring to soothe your toddler’s sore gums during teething.

Hape Jungle Maze

Jungle Maze

This magnetic maze brings much fun to your toddler’s life. They learn about wild jungle animal friends and tilt the board or use the wand to guide the magnetic balls through the maze.

Janod Chunky Puzzle


Chunky Puzzle 7 pc

Another exciting product among baby activity gyms & playmats Toronto that you can find at our baby store. It has a 7-piece 3D wooden puzzle about dinosaurs. Your child enjoys putting animals in the right places on the puzzle.

Baby Wooden Toys

Pure wooden toys are becoming more common due to their eco-friendly and easy-to-recycle properties. Among baby wooden toys, some interesting ones at our baby store are:

Janod Baby Wooden Toys

Janod has brought a range of wooden toys, such as the Pure Musical Table, Pure Pull-Along, 6-Block Tray, Meadow Activity Table, Animal Ring Toss Game, and many more. Those are so interesting that you enjoy playing with them with your little munchkin.

Viga Baby Wooden Toys

Viga offers many wooden puzzles, stackers, and towers that improve your child’s fine motor skills while engaging them in play.

Baby Books & Flash Cards Toronto

As soon as your baby becomes a little more sensible, you want to engage them with baby books & flashcards Toronto. Out of many products in the category of baby books & flashcards Toronto at our store, a few are:

Jellycat Activity Books

Unicorn Tails Activity Book

Jellycat books are made of soft cloth or paper board. The soft cloth variety is crinkly and squishy, making it suitable for your baby right from birth. Some examples are the Unicorn Tails Activity Book, Dino Tails Book, Pet Tails Book, and Garden Tails Book, among many others that we have at Macklem’s store. There are many interesting ones that you can explore among paper board books too.

Manhattan Toy


Whoozit Water Mat                                                       Zoo Winkels

They also specialize in soft fabrics and board books. A Mermaid ABC Book, Buzzing Through Activity Book, Snuggle Pods, and Sleepy Not Sleepy are a few interesting names among many others.

Wee Gallery


Art Cards -Jungle Alphabet Cards                              Art Cards- Original Collection

Wee Gallery specializes in flash cards. You can find an amazing range of art cards from them. Stroller Cards, Animal Alphabet Cards, Jungle Alphabet Cards, Ocean Art Cards, and the Rainforest Collection are a few to mention.

Baby Stroller & Car Seat Toys

To keep your child busy while strolling or driving, you need baby stroller & car seat toys Toronto. We have some interesting collections at our store.

Manhattan Toy, Baby Stroller, & Car Seat Toys

You can use any toy suitable for your child’s age range while they are in a stroller or car seat, but Manhattan has brought some toys specific to car seats or strollers. Such as Infant Stim-Mobile To Go, Cactus Garden Jet, Sights & Sounds Travel Toy, Car Seat Gallery, etc. All these have clamps to attach to strollers and carriers.

Mary Meyer, Baby Stroller & Car Seat Toys Toronto

Mary Meyer has brought a soother and activity toy combo in different shapes. All of these have flexible loop clips for attaching to strollers and car seats.

Baby Puzzles Toronto

In this section, you can find all sorts of baby puzzles Toronto. We have a range of products at Macklem’s store in this category too.

Quut Baby Puzzles Toronto

Quut baby puzzles Toronto are made of soft foam free from phthalates, BPA, and latex. Blokki Minty Blue, Blokki Coral Pink, To the Moon & Back Bath Puzzles are some examples.

Janod Baby Puzzles Toronto

Janod specializes in cardboard or magnetic puzzles with soft fabric pieces too. These baby puzzles Toronto let your baby’s imagination run wild and develop their fine motor skills while playing.

Baby Toys Toronto's Objective To Buy 

Your little angel’s toys are not just toys but a means to help them develop their senses, run their imaginations wild, and learn much about the world around them. There are a lot of options: go for baby activity gyms & playmats Toronto, baby puzzles, baby books & flashcards Toronto, or sensory toys. Hence, buy baby toys thoughtfully, make a lot of memories while playing with your baby, and never compromise on quality.

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