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Buy the Best Baby Strollers in Mississauga

Before you welcome your little bundle of joy home, you need to buy a whole list of baby products. From baby clothes to diapers, bottles, and, of course, baby gear. Before setting out on the adventure of buying baby products, do some prior research.

Most parents try to look for baby stores with a range of products from various brands. Macklem’s Baby Store is one of the oldest baby stores in Canada and serves the residents of Toronto and nearby Mississauga. If you are going to buy the best baby strollers in Mississauga, visit Macklem’s and you will be amazed at the range and quality of baby products. Let’s shortlist some of the top-rated baby strollers at Macklem’s Baby Store.

How to Select the Right Baby Stroller Mississauga

You may have made up your mind about the kind of stroller you want for your munchkin. However, it's important to take care of certain things before heading on a shopping spree.

  • Do you need a baby stroller that you buy once and enjoy for many years?
  • Do you want a baby stroller for one child or multiples using it at once?
  • If a lightweight stroller is your first choice.
  • How safe is your baby stroller, JPMA-certified or not?

UPPAbaby Vista Mississauga


VISTA V2 NOA                                                        VISTA V2 ANTHONY                                                                 VISTA V2 GWEN 

UPPAbaby is a premium brand that is famous for its high-quality baby gear. This Vista is one such example that is designed to grow with your family. You buy it once and can stroll from one to three children at a time as easily as a single child. The classic Vista underwent a makeover in 2020 to add more comfort and luxury to your little bundle of joy. Now the new model is named as UPPAbaby Vista V2. You are going to love the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Mississauga due to its specifications:

  • Serves all: Designed thoughtfully to accompany you for a long time, Vista has multiple configuration options. This enables you to transport a second and third child on it easily, like a breeze. Stay together through Vista by keeping up to three of your children of various age groups together on this stroller. 
  • Included bassinet( carrycot): A carrycot included in the package, Vista V2 Mississauga brings more comfort to your baby. Not only can your child take a nap in it, but you can also easily detach it with just one hand to place your sleeping infant with the cot anywhere. 
  • Ventilated canopy & extendable sunshade: The back of the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Mississauga carrycot’s canopy unzips to allow airflow through its peek-a-boo mesh window. An additional pop-out sunshade protects your child from harmful UV rays. This roomier, aerated carrycot of the Vista also proves itself an ideal overnight sleep solution for your baby.
  • Easy-to-manage toddler seat: Another plus of UPPAbaby Vista Mississauga is its reversible toddler seat. You can make your toddler sit forwards, backward, completely upright, in a reclined position, or anywhere in between. Also, the one-handed multi-position recline is easy to manage. The Vista V2 has added room in its toddler seat through a higher seat and deeper footrest. The toddler seat also has a zip-out canopy that extends to shield your child from sun rays.
  • Height-adjustable canopy: The height-adjustable canopy of Vista accommodates your growing child well.
  • Adjustable leather handlebar: The telescoping leather handlebar adjusts for parents of varying heights while also providing a good grip.
  • Easy to fold: The Vista has an intuitive, easy-to-fold design. Also, you can fold it with or without a seat for toddler, and it stands on its own when folded.
  • Extra-large basket: The roomy, easy-to-access basket of Vista V2 adds comfort. You can place diaper bags and other baby accessories there.
  • Shock-absorbing, all-wheel suspension: The addition of softer wheels in the Vista V2 is more shock-absorbing. Also, the redesigned frame of Vista V2 has a spring action and added visual signals to show the locking and unlocking of the stroller wheels. 
  • Travel system compatibility: Another plus with Vista V2 is its compatibility with MESA i-size infant car seats without any adaptors. Also, any other car seat can fit on it with the help of adaptors.
  • No-rethread harness: Vista V2 has a five-point no-thread harness. You need a single motion to tighten or loosen it.

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Mississauga


    CRUZ V2 NOA                                                                  CRUZ V2 GREYSON                                                             CRUZ V2 GREGORY

This Cruz is another high-quality stroller by UPPAbaby, which comes with a range of unique features. The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Mississauga is the latest version of Cruz that was updated in 2020. Cruz V2 is the younger sibling of Vista V2 and is ideal for families who want it for a single child’s everyday use. In addition to the above-mentioned range of features offered by Vista V2, Cruz is unique in the following aspects:

  • Compact, sleek design: It's designed to seat only one child. The Cruz V2 has a more compact design, which is lighter and narrower than the Vista V2. However, you can add a piggyback ride-along board accessory to adjust another child on the stroller.
  • Affordable: With a smaller size and lighter frame the Cruz is priced at $300 less than the Vista V2.
  • Non-convertible: Unlike Vista V2, which can convert from a single stroller to a double to adjust a second child, Cruz V2 can’t convert to a double stroller.
  • Carrycot not included: A bassinet/carrycot is not included in the Cruz package. You need to purchase it separately. However, you can attach it to the Cruz V2.

Some signature features of UPPAbaby strollers are also available in Cruz, such as:

  • The reversible toddler seat allows you to stroll your baby in different positions: forward, backward, completely upright, or reclined in between.
  • One-handed recline
  • Extended and height-adjustable canopy 
  • Leather handlebar
  • Extra-large, easy-to-access basket
  • All-wheel suspension with independent shocks
  • Stands on folding
  • No-rethread harness
  • Travel systems compatible with MESA, Mesa V2, and Mesa Max car seats attaching directly to the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Mississauga frame. Whereas, with the help of car seat adaptors, other car seats can also fit in.

Final Thoughts

UPPAbaby is a renowned brand that offers premium-quality strollers with a range of features. You need to select one according to your specific needs. The Vista V2 is a larger stroller that can accommodate up to three of your children with the help of piggyback and Rumble seat accessories. Whereas the Cruz V2 is a relatively smaller and lighter stroller designed for a single child. However, both of these premium-quality strollers come with toddler seats, roomier baskets, extended canopies, and shock-free all-wheel suspension.

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