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Baby Registry in North York

Babies need so much stuff that it becomes difficult for new parents to keep track of all the essential items, including what has been purchased and what is pending. Therefore, an easy solution to get out of this confusion is to create a baby registry. Setting up a baby registry helps keep your wishlist of baby products well organized. Also, it's a polite hint to your family and friends about your favorite baby products that they can choose as gifts.

You might be curious to know more about a registry as a new parent. Macklem’s Baby Store Toronto is well known for its wide range of products from all the famous brands. Also, the store offers you the option to set up a registry either in-store or online. Now, anywhere in Canada, you can enjoy the perks of creating a registry at Macklem’s store. If you are living nearby, such as North York, then both options are open to you. Let’s learn more about the registry North York in this article.

How Exactly does a Baby Registry Work?

The purpose behind the idea of a baby registry is to help parents-to-be in many ways. Before you welcome your little bundle of joy into your family, you need to make a lot of preparations. Setting up a baby nursery with baby furniture and buying baby gear, along with a lot of other stuff, is not an easy task.

To keep it simple, parents have the option of creating a wish list of all the baby items they want for their little munchkin in the form of a registry. On the one hand, it keeps your wishlist well organized, from which you can buy items one by one.

Also, by sending your registry links to your loved ones, you convey the message about your favorite baby products you want as a gift. Besides, keeping track of purchased and not-yet-purchased items from a registry removes the chances of getting the same gift from different individuals while missing other baby items.

What is the Right Time to Create a Registry?

There is no standard time; everyone has their own choice. However, most parents wait 12 weeks before making it official. In the first few months of pregnancy, if you don’t want to disclose it to anyone, there is an option to set up a private mode. You can start adding items discreetly to your registry in those first few months of pregnancy. After announcing the news to your friends and family, you can change the mode.

It's better to close your registry before sending invitations to your baby shower. In this way, guests get plenty of time to choose a gift.

Which Baby Products Should you Put on a Registry?

Everyone has their personalized list of baby products; however, to avoid missing anything and piling up extras, just keep the following list in mind:

Bathing Essentials

It includes a bathtub, soft towels, baby-safe shampoo, body wash, baby lotion, washcloths, simple bath toys, and a faucet cover.

Baby Bedding

It's better to follow safe sleep practices by sticking to just a fitted sheet in a baby's crib without any pillows, bumpers, or stuffed animals. Hence, the bedding includes a crib mattress, a waterproof mattress protector, and two or more fitted sheets.


                                                                              Crib Sheet Sunset                                                          Crib Sheet Sage

Baby Clothing

Include in your registry a variety of clothing sizes, as babies grow out of the newborn size quickly. Some others fit in sizes 0-3 on the first day. Also, add clothing to your registry for at least two different seasons. The baby clothing list includes everything from onesies, elastic-waist trousers, footed pajamas, socks, burp clothes, sleep sacks, soft-sole baby shoes, bathing suits, and baby-safe laundry detergent.


                                                      8 Pack Infant Socks - Moon & Stars                           8 Pack Infant Socks - Little Kitty                                   


Jumbo Diaper

This category includes not only diaper bundles but also baby wipes, diaper creams, cotton swabs, and diaper bags.

Feeding Accessories

This part of your registry includes baby bottles and nipples, bottle brushes, a bottle drying rack, nursing pillows, and nursing covers.


                                                                    Bristle Bottle Brush-Pink                                                          Quick Clean Bottle brush

Baby Furniture

Here comes all that fills up your nursery including a crib, bassinet, glider, changing table, baby baskets for storage, a bouncer or swing seat, and a light dimmer for the night.


                                                       Bassinet Vista/Cruz V2 Anthony                                               Bassinet Vista/Cruz V2 Gregory

Baby Toys

A registry should include at least some basic toys like activity mats, soft baby blocks, teething toys, baby books, rattles, organic cotton stuff toys, etc.

Travel Accessories

This category includes the most essential items like infant car seats, baby strollers and stroller-related accessories, baby carriers, and travel cribs or playards.

What is Special About Macklem’s Registry?

Macklem’s store offers a simple registry program. To qualify for registry perks, you must include a minimum of 15 items in it, all entirely purchased. Sale items won’t be included in the value of your baby registry.

Once you announce that you are closing your registry that is above $500, the store issues you a gift card worth 10% of your registry. Hence, you get $50 for a registry over $500, and so on up to $500 for a registry over $5000.

Macklem’s store also offers the option of free local delivery upon request.


A registry North York is an excellent option for parents to keep their list of baby products organized while giving others an idea of their favorite brands for baby shower gifts. It's wise to register only essential items and not overload your registry with unnecessary or least-used items. Also, close the registry at the right time, before the baby shower, to give your guests ample time to buy gifts for your baby.

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