Creating a Baby Registry in Mississauga

When a baby is on the way, among the other thousand to-dos, putting together a baby registry is the most important. As your friends and family are eager to select presents for your baby, creating a baby registry makes your choice clear to them. 

Macklem’s Baby Store is one of the oldest stores in Toronto and offers a baby registry program for residents of this city as well as from other parts of Canada. If you are living in Mississauga, avail yourself of this opportunity to buy top-notch baby products from Macklem’s store as well as create a baby registry Mississauga. Let’s go through a baby registry checklist in this article.

Types of baby registries

Well, we can classify baby registries in different ways.

Baby store-specific

Most of the time people make a list of baby products from their favorite brands on any specific retail store. As they share their baby registry Mississauaga with family and friends, it gives them a clue to buy from that store.

Universal baby registry Mississauga

This type of baby registry gives you the option to choose baby products from various stores and add them to one master list. Most of the time, when you are unable to find your required baby products in a single store, a universal registry is another option.

Baby registry for cash

When parents-to-be remain indecisive about the kind of baby products they want to register, then they can go for this baby registry Mississauga. If you go for this registry, you let your loved ones donate a cash fund that, in the end, you can use to buy baby products of your choice.

First or second baby registry

According to your parenthood, you can have your first, second, or third registry. This number is important to remember while making a baby product checklist. As you may need all things during the first baby registry Mississauga creation but not some of these during successive registries. This is especially true if you have carefully used some baby products and they are in good condition, you can reuse them. For instance, clothes, bedding, glass bottles, strollers, baby carriers, high-chairs, bouncers, baby baths, and swings.

Baby registry Mississauga essentials

There is a long list of baby products that you may want to add to your baby registry Mississauga, but be mindful and add only essential baby items. We have mentioned the list here so that you don't miss anything from the following:

Baby Clothing


                                          UPF50+ Baby Terry Swim Coverup - Shark 12-24mths            UPF50+ Baby Terry Swim Coverup - Alligator 0-12mths

Add at least two different seasons’ clothes and of different sizes, as babies grow out of them quickly. Collect from all sizes until 1 year of age including onesies, pajamas, burp clothes, sleepsuits, and bathing suits.

Bathing supplies

Include a bathtub, soft towels, wash clothes, baby-safe shampoo, lotion, body wash, and a few bath toys.


                                                             Natural Shampoo & Wash - 300ml                                Unscented Natural Shampoo & Wash - 600ml

Baby bedding

To comply with safe sleep practices, just add fitted sheets, crib mattresses, and mattress protectors.


                                                                            Crib Sheet Sage                                                               Cribe Sheet Sunset

Feeding supplies

Your baby registry Mississauga should include at least nursing pillows, nursing covers, bottles, nipples, bottle brushes, and dryers.


                                                              Adventure Water Bottle-Navy                                                Adventure Water Bottle-Pink 

Baby gear

It includes infant car seats, strollers, baby carriers, and playards.

Baby furniture

This part of the baby registry Mississauga includes everything that fills up your nursery, such as a crib, bassinet, baby storage basket, dresser, bouncer, swing seat, etc.

What you don’t need to register?

Everyone may have their customized list of baby registry Mississauga products. Also, friends and family suggest many things to you. New parents are usually so excited at the thought of the arrival of their little angel that they often add a lot of unnecessary items to their baby registry Mississauga.

That’s why in this article we have made a list of all products not to register as they are least used or not required.

Crib bumpers

Crib bumpers are cotton pads that cover the edges of a crib. Their purpose was to prevent babies from falling between crib slats that used to be far apart, unlike in today’s cribs. There has been increased evidence of infant deaths due to padded crib bumpers. Hence, with the implementation of “The Safe Sleep for Babies Act” crib bumpers are finally banned in 2022.

Wipe warmers

There is no need to add these fancy but purposeless items to your baby registry Mississauga. Regardless of whether the wipe is cold or warm, in the end, the baby's bottom will be clean. Also, if the baby gets used to warm wipes, changing them will be a headache when you are out, away from the wipe warmer.

Formula dispensers

Another fancy baby product that you need to keep away from your baby registry Mississauga. These machines have been reported to add more than the required amount of water to powdered formulas, which can lead to water intoxication in your baby. So, better prepare the bottle yourself.

Teething gels

All teething gels use benzocaine to numb the baby’s gums and reduce teething pain. But once the effect is gone, the teething tantrums are there. Avoid these gels and amber teething necklaces that pose a strangulation threat. Teething toys are sufficient to help your baby get over teething episodes.

Baby shoes

Although they look so cute, your baby doesn't need them until they start walking. Don’t fill your baby registry Mississauga with such things, or just add a pair or two; that's sufficient.

Dressy clothes

Your baby needs ultra-soft and comfortable clothes that can withstand endless hot rinse cycles. Unless you have some really important event in the first few months, don’t go for dressy clothes; just stick to the basics.

What are the baby registry perks at Macklems’ store?

Macklem’s Baby Store has a straightforward baby registry program. Just pick up a minimum of 15 baby items that collectively cost above $500, and all are entirely purchased. Now you qualify for their gift card for your baby registry Mississauga.

For every baby registry above $500, they offer a gift card worth 10% of your registry. Get $50 back in the form of a gift card for a registry over $500, $150 for a registry over $1500, and so on. Another good thing is their free local delivery offer upon request.

Wrapping Up

Baby registry creation is a way to sort the wishlist of your baby’s products, and it also helps your loved ones in the selection of gifts for your baby. Create a baby registry Mississauga at Macklem’s store and enjoy its benefits.