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Baby Car Seats Mississauga: Which Baby Car Seat is Ideal for My Baby?

A baby car seat is an essential part of your baby gear that needs a careful selection. Your little one starts using it from the very beginning, even on their first ride home. Therefore, you need to get one and install it beforehand.

It's a difficult task to pick the right baby seat fro car from the range available on the market. First, you should have a careful analysis of different seats before you jump to selecting one that suits you the best. Macklem’s Baby Store offers a good range of baby products, especially seats of a car, in Toronto and Mississauga. You can match yourself with the right baby seat in Mississauga. In this article, we have listed a few for your convenience. 

Baby Car Seats Mississauga

Your bundle of joy can ride different seats throughout their journey, from the first drive home to all the way to school. Either you can choose infant car seats or if you want to avoid frequent switching, go for a convertible seat that can stay with you for a longer time.

Infant Car Seats Mississauga

Here are the best seats in Mississauga:

1. UPPAbaby MESA Mississauga


MESA V2 JAKE                                                            MESA V2 STELLA                                                                  MESA V2 ALICE

Out of a range of seats, UPPAbaby MESA is one big name. The UPPAbaby MESA has an intuitive design; let’s see what is special about it.

  • Improved protection: The headrest of the MESA is adjustable and has EPP foam that provides better side impact protection due to improved shock absorption. 
  • Smart secure system: An innovative security system makes MESA Mississauga installation quick and simple. This includes an auto-retracting latch design, adjustable four-foot positions, and red-to-green tightness indicators.
  • Strong infant inserts: A robust infant insert allows better baby positioning between 4 and 11 pounds.
  • Non-hazardous fabric: The MESA is made from fire-retardant-free chemicals, including its large canopy. Hence, it supports a healthier environment and low chemical emissions.
  • No-rethread harness: One simple no-rethread crotch buckle position with an adjustable harness makes baby buckling up very easy.
  • Travel system compatibility: Another benefit of the MESA Mississauga is its portable design. This allows you to attach it to Vista and Cruz strollers directly, while UPPAbaby Ridge Mississauga and Minu strollers require adapters. Hence, you get a stylish solution with ease, from drive to stroll.
  • Convenient European routing: With European routing, you find an easy and safe way to use carrier-only when the base is not required. The belt path secures the carrier at three points to allow only limited baby movements. Also, a quick-release button at the carrier handle top allows you to have a seamless release of the MESA Mississauga from its frame and go from stroller to car.
  • Extra-large canopy: This seat provides improved sun protection for your baby with an extra-large extendable canopy.
  • Reversible position option: Another plus of this seat is its reversible position option. This allows you to face your baby towards you (rear facing) while strolling, or during meal time you can reverse the position (forward facing) by turning the carrier.

2. Nuna PIPA


         PIPA CAVIAR                                                              PIPA RIVETED                                                                   PIPA GRANITE 

Nuna is another big name supplying stylish and secure seats for your little munchkin. The PIPA seats are a safe and fashionable choice for your baby. Out of the seven models of PIPA, we have picked some general characteristics of these seats to discuss here. Some salient features of this line of seats are:

  • Rigid latch lock: The rigid latch lock of PIPA enables more secure car seat attachment to the vehicle.
  • Better protection: Nuna PIPA Mississauga provides your baby with full-body side impact protection. Also, it has Aeroflex foam that is ultra-lightweight and resilient. Aeroflex enhances protection by absorbing shock energy and diffusing it away from your baby.
  • Baseless installation: The new PIPA model is a kind of Nuna seat Mississauga that has built-in Isofix connectors that no longer require a base for car seat insertion. Now you can have a two-second, frustration-free car seat installation, and removal.
  • Five-point harness: This ensures maximum security for your baby. Also, no-rethread, a single pull harness adjustment of PIPA Mississauga brings much ease.
  • Ultra-lightweight shell: A light aluminum carry handle enables PIPA to be more portable and easy to carry.
  • High-strength handle: The strong handle of this Nuna seat transfers more crash forces into the shell, thus protecting the sensitive head area of your baby.
  • Weather-friendly: The Temperature resistant fabric of PIPA Mississauga keeps your baby cool in the summer while toasty warm during the cold winter season.
  • Adjustable headrest: With just one hand, you can adjust the headrest of this Nuna car seat at seven different positions according to your growing baby’s comfort.
  • Removable UPF 50+ canopy: An integrated full-coverage canopy protects your baby from the sun while a peek-a-boo mesh window of seat provides you with a bird’s eye view of your little munchkin.
  • Sky drape: A signature feature of Nuna PIPA Mississauga is a sky drape that enables you to attach it to the end of the seat magnets for additional baby protection from sun and noise. When no longer in use, this sky drape can fold inside the canopy.
  • Flame-retardant chemical: All models of seat are made of fire-resistant materials that are Greenguard Gold certified. 
  • Stroller compatible: Nuna PIPA Mississauga models are compatible with all Nuna strollers without adaptors, as well as UPPAbaby strollers such as Vista, Cruz, and UPPAbaby Ridge Mississauga with the help of adaptors.


There is a rich variety of baby car seats at Macklem’s Baby Store that not only caters to people from Toronto but also Mississauga. If you need seats in Mississauga, there are many top-class brands out there, of which UPPAbaby Mesa Mississauga and Nuna PIPA are a few worth mentioning. Both brands offer their basic models at a comparable starting price and also high-priced versions of their seats. 

Suit yourself according to your unique needs and budget. Travel system compatibility is another point worth pondering. For instance, if you already have UPPAbaby Ridge Mississauga, it's better to go for UPPAbaby Mesa rather than any other. But if you have any Nuna strollers, it's wise to buy a seat as it will fit with a Nuna stroller without any adaptor.

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