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Mary Meyer

Taggies Character Blanket

Taggies was born over a decade ago when a mom noticed her child’s fascination with satin tags. This idea blossomed into a world of treasured products. Little ones are mesmerized...
Mary Meyer

Mary Myers Putty Blanket Lamb

Putty Nursery Character Blanket - Lamb - 13" A fluffy lamb is the centerpiece of this character blanket, featuring a smooth satin underbelly and edges that children will love to...
Character Blanket  Bella Bunny Character Blanket  Bella Bunny
Mary Meyer

Character Blanket Bella Bunny

Whether for playtime adventures or a cozy bedtime snuggle, our bunny is designed to be a delightful companion for baby. Its floppy ears and expressive eyes are sure to capture...

BIBS Cuddle Cloth Kangaroo

Your baby will love to cuddle with our soft and snuggly cuddle cloth. It is an indispensable essential for babies to provide soothing security and comfort. BIBS cuddle cloth is...
Mary Meyer

Sweet Soothie Blanket

  As much fun for Mom as for baby, these trendy soothie blankets get a knowing laugh. You’ll love the sweet smiling faces that engage baby and familiar everyday objects...