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The Top Must Have Baby Stroller Accessories for Every Parent in Oakvile

Baby strollers are much more than a simple means of carrying around the apple of your eye. We as parents expect a lot from strollers, and if used wisely, they soon become our dedicated helpers.

Apart from carrying our babies, strollers are often used to carry groceries and other belongings. Even if we purchase an ideal stroller or single to double stroller, we still want to tailor it to fulfill our needs. For that purpose, we need extra stroller accessories. 

It’s always better when buying a stroller to go for lightweight strollers that are easy to handle. This is also good because, at the end of the day, we keep piling things in it to make it heavy. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can turn your stroller into a true rescuer, especially to spend your time outdoors. For that, you need some stroller accessories. These will not only save you time and make your life hassle free but also eliminate stress so that you can spend quality time with your little bundle of joy. 

Macklems Baby Store have all kind of Baby Strollers and Baby Stroller Accessories in Oakvile that you need for your little champ Oakvile. We have all the Uppababy, Nuna, Veer, Thule, Guzzie+Guess products and Accessories. 

1. Stroller Hook Clips in Oakvile

Being a parent means being ready to do multiple tasks at a time and getting used to a busy routine. Often in such a situation, when you are moving out with your little munchkin, you need to carry a lot of extra luggage and equipment.

Stroller hook clips are very useful baby accessories that help you carry as much as you can in your stroller while keeping your hands free. Along with a baby diaper bag, you can also carry in your stroller, your purse, extra clothing, and more. These hook clips are the kind of stroller accessories that are truly lifesavers. Now, no more worries about the extra luggage to carry; enjoy your precious time with your baby.

2. Stroller Cup Holder in Oakvile

Managing life with your little munchkin brings excitement and joy on one hand, but it’s also very tiring on the other. Most of the time, you are taking your stroller out for a walk with a mug of tea or coffee in hand. At first, you may try to leave it unfinished at home. But soon you start needing coffee more than normal to keep yourself charged and not get tired while doing baby chores.

With so many other things to hold when you are out with your baby in a stroller, it’s not easy to spare a free hand for that cup. Here, you need accessories for your stroller. A stroller cup holder can fit easily in any stroller to keep your beverage close while keeping your hands free. Besides holding a cup, it can also serve the purpose of holding wallets, cell phones, or anything of comparable size.


                               RIDGE Cup Holder                       Cup Holder 2pk-Cruiser                       Stroller Cup Holder                        Universal Stroller Cupholder

3. Neck Pillow

When you are jogging, running, or doing errands while carrying your baby in their stroller, make them feel comfortable. The easy way to do it is by making them feel at home, cuddled up in comfy pillows and blankets. Make a comfortable neck pillow a part of your stroller.

4. Snug Insert

Your baby is too little to hold their neck and body in the initial months of their life. So, it’s safe to have a snug seat insert in your stroller to avoid the car seat. The best part of snug inserts is that regardless of stroller movements on an uneven path, they always support and protect your baby’s head and neck. Most snug inserts support babies until they reach 21 pounds.

5. Stroller Toys

It’s understood that except for the first one or two months when your baby is sleeping most of the time, they will need some entertainment while riding their strollers. That’s why you should always be ready to have something in stroller to calm them down. Pack your stroller with their favorite toys. However, keep in mind besides their entertainment how to keep it a lightweight baby stroller. Try to choose toys that are not very heavy.

6. Snack Tray

Babies have small stomachs; that’s why they are hungry now and then. You can’t leave your house without taking their meals along. A tray is a necessary accessory of a stroller that facilitates your baby’s having quick meals wherever they need them. Also, this tray can serve the purpose of storing their toys to keep them occupied while you are busy doing errands. You can also place your keys or other small items there.


                       Urban Glide Snack Tray                       Replacement Drink & Snack Tray                       Snack Tray                                      RIDGE Snack Tray

7. Baby Nappy Bag

You can’t even imagine a stroller without a nappy bag. They are usually the number one priority of all parents who want to stay prepared for an unplanned outdoor visit with their little bundle of joy. They are the perfect storage solution not only for your baby's accessories but for yours too.

You can keep baby diapers, blankets, bibs, your phone, keys, and many more things well organized in it. A single diaper bag can replace many other baby accessories. Go for a designer nappy bag that can add style in addition to comfort, durability, and security to your baby’s belongings.

8. Single to Double Strollers in Oakvile

These aren't accessories but a kind of stroller that converts from one seat to two or even three whenever you need it. Single-to-double strollers are like magic: ideal for not only parents of twins but also those who have plans to extend their family. Buy a single-to-double stroller once for your firstborn and use it for the next ones, too. Meanwhile, you can use those extra seats to accommodate your belongings; again, they can act as accessories for stroller.

Wrapping it up

Preparing on time and keeping yourself organized by loading up your accessories for stroller, especially when you have another responsibility like taking care of your baby, makes your life hassle-free. First of all, do thorough research before buying accessories, especially strollers and its attachments which can go a long way. Another thing to remember is that no matter how perfect your stroller may be, you always need some kind of stroller accessories. Always keep baby comfort and your convenience in mind and go for lightweight strollers, as you will make them heavy anyway.

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