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What are the Features and Specifications of a Baby Bjorn Carrier?

If you have two children, then a carrier is an essential product for you. There are many options in baby carriers, but Bjorn is one of the ideal options for you if you are a mother of two toddlers. You can use it in outdoor activities and adventures. 

You love to walk during the outing, but your toddler wants to take a daytime nap. You may have a stroller where your baby can take a nap. But in some places, taking a stroller with you is impossible. So carrier is a good option for your baby to nap.

Like, while hiking, you can take the stroller with you. You just need to wrap the carrier around your neck, and you can easily walk while your baby sleeps in the carrier.

You can purchase a carrier from Macklem’s website. Macklem’s gives its customers the ability to purchase it from their website. So, you can buy a bjorn carrier online.

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Features and Specifications

Here are some features and specifications about this carrier:

Materials Used in the Carrier

The carrier is divided into many categories, but the materials used in the baby carriers are almost the same. The material used in the carrier can easily accommodate itself with the weather conditions. The baby carrier is waterproof and moisture-free, keeping the mother and child secure and comfortable.

The material used in the carrier adjusted itself according to the weather. For- example, if the atmosphere is warm, it keeps your child cool and airy. Moreover, it is dirt-free. You can clean it with the help of wipes. If you want to wash it, you can wash it at 35 to 40 degrees and dry it quickly. 

The fabric used inside the carrier is soft and delicate. It is designed to keep the baby in mind. The toddler's skin is susceptible and fragile, so the fabric should be smooth. It does not damage the skin of the little one.

Position to Carry a Baby

Parents mostly use carriers for a one-day trip, but you can use them at home. You can use the carriers at your back and your front also. The weight you can carry in the carrier is 3.5 kg to 15 kg. Your newborn baby should be zero months to almost three years.

I suggest you carry your baby at the front till your baby turns one year old. It keeps your baby warm and cozier while walking. You can switch from the front to the back in no second. Switching from back to front and front to back is very easy.

Support to the Hip of your Baby

Hip joint development is very crucial for a newborn baby. Bjorn carrier provides good support to your babies so your baby can get a healthy hip. Bjorn plays an essential role in the health of your carrier. They know that the early few months are vital for the growth and development of the baby.

This carrier ensures that the seat for the baby is highly adjustable and comfortable for the baby when a mother puts her baby in the carrier. 

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Pros and Cons

The baby Bjorn has a pros and cons. These pros and cons are given below:


  • The carrier is very soft and delicate, which provides comfort to the newborn baby. The manufacturer suggests it for almost three kg of the baby's weight. The fabric material is very delicate and soft, which keeps the baby comfortable while sleeping on her mommy’s chest.
  • The straps are fastened from the front, which has to eliminate the movement of the little one. The attachment from the front helps the single parent to attach the strap by themselves. This gives assurance to the parents while fitting the carrier.


  • The carrier supports the baby from a height to keep the head in a single direction, but it does not have an adjustable width. It does not support any adjustable width if the baby grows legs. 
  • The carrier does not give any support to the waist. It means that all the weight comes to the upper part of the shoulder and at the back of the person carrying the baby. It is comfortable for the parent when the baby is tiny and younger, but it becomes difficult to carry the baby without any waist support as the baby grows.

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Where can you Buy a Carrier?

You can buy a Bjorn carrier from Macklem’s baby store. Macklem’s has a wide range of varieties of Bjorn carriers and bouncers. Macklem’s has a physical store in Canada where you can easily purchase a Bjorn.

Macklem’s gives customers who love online shopping the ability to shop online. You can buy a carrier online from their official website. A variety of baby bouncers are also available at our online store and physical store in Canada. You can buy a carrier online as well. 

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