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UPPAbaby Vista V2 & UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Toronto - Features & Accessories

The arrival of your little angel is joyful on the one hand but also comes with a little apprehension as you want to bring them up in the best possible way. As a new parent, you want to buy the best baby products for your bundle of joy. Starting from the carrycot to the seat, you need everything world-class.

If you are living in Toronto, Canada, we at Macklem’s store have the best baby strollers Vista V2 and Cruz V2. If you need to know all about Uppababy baby strollers Toronto and their pros and cons, we are going to mention all of their specifications in this article. Uppababy offers many products. If we talk about Baby Strollers then UPPAbaby offers multiple variants of baby strollers like UPPAbaby Vista, Vista V2, Cruz, Cruz V2, etc. In this article, we will discuss one by one.

Best Baby Strollers Toronto

If you are among those parents who believe in investing once and enjoying it for a long time, then don’t search here and there; just select any one of these Uppababy baby strollers.

1. UPPAbaby Vista V2   

         Uppababy Vista V2 Anthony Toronto                 

This baby stroller is uniquely designed to accommodate not only your first child but also your second and third, all while strolling like a single. Some salient features of Vista V2 Toronto that make it stand out from the rest are: 

  • Carrycot inclusion: Vista V2 Toronto has a carrycot included in the stroller. This enables your child to take a nap comfortably. You can detach the carrycot with just one hand and take your sleeping infant anywhere without disturbing their sleep.
  • Ventilated canopy: To make your sleeping child more comfortable, Vista V2 Toronto has the option of unzipping the back of its carrycot canopy. This allows fresh airflow but also has a sunshade to protect your little munchkin from harmful UV rays.
  • Reversible toddler seat: If your infant has grown into a toddler, the UPPAbaby Vista can convert into a seat. There, your little munchkins ride forward, backward, reclining, or completely upright.
  • Extended toddler seat canopy: The toddler seat of the Vista V2 Toronto has the option of extending to shield your child from harmful UV rays. Also, the  Vista’s canopy is height adjustable and can accommodate your growing children very well.
  • Easy to fold: Unlike other strollers on the market that are way more difficult to fold, the Vista V2 Toronto has a one-step fold. Not only does it stand on its own when folded but you can fold it even with or without the toddler seat attached.
  • Extra large basket: The large opening of the underlying basket in Vista V2 allows you to easily reach your diaper bag and other baby belongings you keep there.
  • Shock-absorbing: To make your child’s ride as well as nap time more comfortable, Vista V2 is highly shock-absorbing. You can easily roam around with your baby stroller along bumpy or winding paths.
  • Overnight sleep place: Not only can your little bundle of joy take a nap in the UPPAbaby Vista carrycot while strolling on the roads, but the carrycot can be their nighttime sleep place. Having the perfect carrycot depth and ventilation makes it best for your baby’s nighttime sleep. Just attach it with a carrycot stand accessory to elevate your baby to a comfortable height.

2. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Toronto

Another versatile baby stroller for your little one that also has several unique features.

  • Cost-effective: If you don’t have enough budget but still want to enjoy a UPPAbaby stroller then go for Cruz. It not only provides you with a range of signature features of UPPAbaby but is also light on your pocket as compared to UPPAbaby Vista.
  • Lightweight: The Cruz V2 is more like the Vista except that it’s much lighter in weight as it is designed to accommodate one child at a time.
  • Reversible toddler seat: With a reversible toddler seat from Cruz, your toddler can ride forward, backward, upright, or reclined.
  • One-handed recline: With a range of recline positions available, the Cruz V2 allows your child to take a nap or sit upright comfortably.
  • Extended & height-adjustable canopy: It ensures additional sun protection on your toddler seat. Also, it can cater to your growing child very well.
  • Leather handlebar: To accommodate parents of different heights and features, the adjustable handlebar of the Cruz can extend.
  • Easily accessible large basket: With easy access, the extra-large basket of the Cruz V2 Toronto allows you to reach baby accessories with ease.
  • Independent shocks: They ensure your little munchkin enjoys the Cruz V2 Toronto smooth ride like anything else through its shock-absorbing nature.

Also, the Cruz V2 Toronto stands while folded and has the option of being converted into a pram for your newborn. This carrycot option can allow your baby to sleep there overnight or take naps while on the go.

UPPAbaby Stroller Accessories Toronto

1. Changing backpack

Now you can store all of your baby’s essentials in this UPPAbaby Backpack. You can select any color matching your Cruz V2 Toronto or Vista that has the same leather detailing and premium fabric. It has multiple storage compartments and adjustable straps for your ease.

      UPPAbaby Changing Backpack

2. UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh

In extremely cold weather outside, you can still roam around with your little one lying in a Ganoosh footmuff. This provides extra protection for your baby by keeping them toasty warm.

              UPPAbaby Cozy Ganoosh Emmett footmuff Toronto Cozy Ganoosh

3. Carry-All Parent Organizer 

This stroller accessory by UPPAbaby has multiple easy-access compartments for baby snacks and beverages. Also, a large zipper pocket allows you to store personal items.


Uppababy Carry All Parent Organizer Bag Toronto


Carry-All Parent Organizer

Wrapping It Up

If you are a new parent who wants to buy your baby stroller from a premium brand, UPPAbaby suits you the best. If you want a baby stroller that can grow with your family, accommodating your second child along with the first, then go for the Vista V2 Toronto.

It’s a large stroller with an oversized basket, bigger wheels, and the ability to cater to your second child in an included bassinet. But if you have a limited budget for now and you want a world-class baby stroller for your only child, then the Cruz V2 Toronto is a better option. However, both have seats, detachable carrycots, roomier baskets, extended canopies, and shock-free ride options. The new version of the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 has larger wheels with all-wheel suspension for a better and smoother ride.

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