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UPPAbaby MESA - Best Baby Car Seats Toronto

Baby car seats Toronto are one of the key components of a baby product list or baby registry. Every new parent wants to select baby accessories from a world-class brand with the finest material and a range of features. Along with that, if there is an option for having products with multiple uses, what could be better than that?

A baby car seat that is also compatible with baby strollers provides two-for-one benefits. MESA Toronto seats are the best choice for your baby if you want high-quality stuff with convenience and a lifetime warranty. In this article, we are going to have an overview of UPPAbaby MESA seats and their detailed features.

UPPAbaby MESA Toronto

The MESA Toronto series has a variety of infant seats for babies up to one year. It is a trusted brand as well as worldwide. MESA Toronto has launched the two latest versions of its best-selling MESA car seats in 2022: the MESA V2 and MESA Max. Let's see these, one by one.

Uppababy mesa v2 Jake - Best Baby Car seat Toronto

UPPAbaby Mesa V2


All models of MESA seats in Toronto are designed to support babies from day one to 1 year of age. However, depending on how fast your baby is growing, you can give or take a few months. Some salient features of MESA i-SIZE are:

  • Simple operation: One of the best things about MESA car seats is their great design, which is very easy to install. Also, MESA i-SIZE is compliant with R129.
  • Smart secure system: Don’t rely on guesswork, as the MESA baby seat has been provided with video and audio confirmations to ensure proper seat installation. The smart security system includes a tension indicator uniquely designed to make sure the base of the seat is properly positioned against the vehicle seat.
  • Side impact protection: To ensure your little one’s maximum head protection, the MESA seat uses the best foam with high absorption and recovery properties. Hence, your baby’s head gets maximum protection from side impacts due to the dense EPP foam that does a terrific job of providing comfort as well as absorbing shocks.
  • Three-point harness: A unique three-point harness integrated with the MESA i-SIZE adjustable headrest provides a perfect fit system to keep your infant safe. Also, with this integration, there is no need to take the system apart as your little munchkin grows.
  • Stroller compatible: Another good thing about MESA is that it is compatible with the VISTA, CRUZ, or MINU strollers. This creates a travel system that is safer and more portable. The quick-press button at the top of the carrier handle releases the seat from the stroller without any hassle.
  • Infant inserts: The robust infant insert of the seat ensures your infant’s proper positioning in the carrier. Also, babies under 60cm can have better airway management with a proper position ensured by a removable infant insert.
  • Large canopy: The extra-large canopy of the MESA car seat provides sun protection for your baby. When not required, you can conveniently tuck away the canopy.
  • Built-in-ventilation system: One of the concerns of parents while buying a seat for their little angels is the material. While being fitted in the seat, your little munchkin can suffocate during the summer. That’s why the seat is made up of a breathable mesh along with a built-in ventilation system. This, along with the vented channels and perforated holes in the shell of the seat, creates a comfortable airflow to keep your baby cool.

MESA V2 and MESA Max Toronto

The MESA series can be used for approximately one year. Any model from MESA Toronto which is the best seat in Toronto has a weight limit of 35 pounds and a height limit of 32 inches. Another criterion that indicates that your baby has outgrown a MESA baby seat is when there is less than an inch between the top of the baby’s head and the top of the car seat. 

The latest versions of MESA, including MESA V2 and MESA MAX, have the following added benefits.

  • They have more plush infant inserts with supportive positioning that have a longer usage from 4 pounds to 11 pounds.
  • European routing method that includes a belt path feature on the back of MESA V2. By wrapping the shoulder belt around the back of the carrier, there are fewer chances of baby shoulder and back injury in case of collision.
  • MESA V2 has four adjustable foot positionings for your baby, while MESA has three of these.
  • MESA V2 has a bigger headrest.
  • MESA V2 has a more robust infant insert that can handle some extra pounds.
  • MESA V2 has fabrics that are free of flame-retardant chemicals.
  • A 20% larger canopy.

MESA Baby Seat Accessories

1. MESA i-SIZE Base

This base has an electronic indicator panel that helps parents ensure proper installation of i-SIZE with its audio and video confirmations. The smart security system includes a tension indicator that ensures the base of the seat is properly positioned on the vehicle seat. 

UPPAbaby Mesa Base Toronto


Mesa Base

2. MESA Family Travel Bag

The MESA family travel bag has your MESA covered during air travel. When you register your MESA family travel bag online, any damage to your MESA seat during air travel is fully covered.


UPPAbaby mesa Family Travel Bag Toronto


Mesa Family Travel Bag

3. MESA Cozy Ganoosh

While using the MESA seat in a stroller (VISTA or CRUZ) outdoors, you can protect your little one from the extreme cold with MESACozygoosh. The ultra-plush provides ultimate coverage for your bundle of joy while strolling outdoors.

UPPAbaby Mesa Cozy Gunoosh Jake Toronto

    Final Thoughts

    If you are looking for a versatile seat of a premium brand with a lifetime warranty, then instead of wasting your time in research, just go for the MESA. Here you have three options: either buying the basic MESA i-SIZE or newer versions, MESA V2, or MESA MAX. All of these seats cover your little one until they are one year old with a window period of one or two months up or down.

    All versions of MESA have a smart secure system, simple operation, advanced side impact protection, an extra-large canopy, a height-adjustable harness, and a sturdy infant insert. All MESA baby seats Toronto are attachable to the VISTA, CRUZ, MINU, and RIDGE strollers. With the MESA seat Toronto, you can drive to stroll with much ease.

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