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UPPAbaby Bassinet and Stand Review

UPPAbaby is one of the most used brands in Canada. Its product offers comfort and comfortable space for the infant and allows the parents to work efficiently in their daily lives. 

UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet Stroller Canada is a widely used product. Vista contains many UPPAbaby accessories like a Bassinet Stroller, UPPAbaby Stand, UPPAbaby bassinet rain cover, and many more. But sometimes, parents need to learn how to use them daily. 

In the blog, I will review the Bassinet Stroller Canada and UPPAbaby Stand, along with a few UPPAbaby accessories

Let’s begin.

UPPAbaby Bassinet 

Bassinet Vista Gregory

The Uppababy bassinet is secured and easy to use if you are at home or you want to go out for any emergency. It has many features that attract you. It is the most convenient and adoptable product nowadays.

You can use this product for the first 3 to 5 months of a child's age to almost a year. It depends on how rapidly your kid grows. It can easily separate from your stroller or carry with one hand.


The main specification of the UPPAbaby Bassinet are given below:

  • It measures 16′′W x 31′′D x 10′′H (24′′ with handle up).
  • Cotton and polyester materials
  • The maximum weight for a kid is 20 pounds (9 kilograms).
  • The maximum length for a kid is 25 inches (63 cm).


  • Appropriate for up to 20 lbs weight 
  • Or  your child can grow until four. 
  • Ideal for short-term rest
  • Extendable, UPF 50 overhang
  • It features a more extended sleeping pad, making it more suitable for a child.
  • Shade unfasten included. 
  • Machine-launderable sleeping pad cover and speed-out liner
  • It also includes Bug Shield. 
  • Viable with VISTA 2015-later
  • It can easily adjust into a bassinet stand 

Pros and Cons of UPPAbaby Vista Bassinet


  • They are supported for the time being.
  • Above the overhang, it is comfortable for better rest
  • Effectively appends to the Uppababy carriage
  • Crease level for simple vehicle
  • Lightweight
  • Tested up to 20lbs (a half year)
  • Strong and stable


  • Fixed level
  • Not intended to be available from your bedside

How to Remove Bassinet from UPPAbaby Vista?

Find the two dark switches on one or the other side of your bassinet.

Push down and slide the switch towards you until it gets into place at a 45-degree point. You will feel or hear an audible popping sound when this happens.

Try not to compel the switches; they are intended to fit correctly and effectively with little tension for security purposes. Refrain from assuming you need a lot of power for security purposes. Don't be concerned that you want a lot of energy to deliver them.

Ensure they have been delivered by sliding them as far as possible back up before attempting extraction. Once again, forcing them open can cause damage that is neither covered under the policy nor considered safe to use. 

Bassinet Vista Stand

Bassinet Stand Grey

The stand does what it should, with no extra UPPAbaby accessories. It opens and closes for fast and minimal storage, making life simple for the guardians when you want to tidy up the room or move things around.

The Vista stand secures from the top and opens with the handle button.


  • Raised platform for bassinet to keep the child off the floor
  • The bassinet snaps and locks onto the stand
  • Simple open and close
  • A crease for the capacity of the stand
  • support plate
  • Changes over into a double hamper

Bassinet and Stand Combination

The bassinet and stand is a good decision for your child's comfort and protection.  

  • You can fold the bassinet and store it in the storage compartment. In this way, you have a bed for your little one wherever you go.
  • You have not used the bassinet on the stroller, but you should use it for your child's comfort. There is too much free space for your child and security is upto the mark. He did not fell down during travelling. 
  • In this bassinet, the level isn't customizable, and you cannot bring it close enough to your bedside to reach and get your child. The bassinet can be seen from the bed if you keep it nearby.
  • For anybody with decreased versatility, for example, mothers who had C-segments, we suggest a bedside bassinet

Bassinet Rain Cover

Bassinet Rain Shield

The bassinet cover is a product for those people who live in unpredictable weather conditions. These UPPAbaby accessories are typically designed to protect your child from rain and wind. These rain covers are easy to install and remove and are a solution for parents travelling with their kids.

  • Ideal vents provide the greatest ventilation and solace
  • Simple to join and eliminate
  • Easily opens a simple vehicle with this handle
  • Overlap simple capacity
  • Simple to clean
  • Without phthalate PVC
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