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How to Install Clek Fllo Car Seat?

Clek fllo is one of the safest and most space-saving car seats. It has an extended rear facing that keeps your child secure. The person who has designed this product keeps their eye on the protection of the child.

It is designed for child security and safety. It has the feature of a fire restraint and keeps any energy like sun rays from the seat. It absorbs all the sort of energy in the foam layer. It is quite fit, like 17 inches, so you can adjust your three children in the back car seat.  

Parents sometimes need to learn how to fllo Canada installation process. We will explain the fllo seat installation process in this blog. Let’s peak into it. 

Fllo Carbon

Clek Fllo Canada Installation Process

As you know, every child has a different height, size, and structure. You must install fllo according to your child's size and weight. You have to read the manual or clek fllo installation instructions to install and adjust the seat.

I will explain general fllo installation instructions for your understanding. The process is divided into two parts. First, you have to install the forward-facing and then the rear-facing.

Before installing the seat, follow these steps:

  • Join the headrest with the seat body before fllo car seat installation.
  • Read the complete instructions for joining the assembly, adjustment of strap, recline positions, etc.
  • Wait to start installing the forward-facing until you know the height and size of your child.
  • To understand this, you should consider the manual instructions for your seat and whether the seat is acceptable for your toddler.


Steps of Installing Forward-Facing

  • You have to place your fllo child's seat at the back or in the front direction of your car seat. 
  • Attach the belt of seat from the seat shoulder from the provided slot to the given place.
  • Now, you have to buckle down the child's seat for the child's safety.
  • You want to ensure that your baby's ear should be at the lower position from the seat's headrest.
  • If your child's ear is above the headrest, it makes your child uncomfortable, and the seat gets lower.
  • Keep up your baby's shoulder strap near the seat shoulder.
  • Now, attach the car strap.
  • If the seat has become too tight, you can adjust the seat by increasing the booster seat.
  • You must read the manual instructions to better understand clek installation.
  • You can also watch any available video that gives you guidance about installing front.

Steps of Installing Rear-Facing

  • You have to put the child's seat in the back seat of your vehicle.
  • Push the seat belt and attach it to the appropriate attaching slot in the seat.
  • Tight up your seat belt. You can tighten it as much as you want to keep your child secure.
  • Now, leave your child in the clek seat to check.
  • Please leave a little space from the head side. Otherwise, it makes your child uncomfortable.
  • Now, adapt the seat belt of the baby seat.
  • After adjusting all the seat belts, attach the seat belts with each for the child's safety.
  • You can also watch any video that gives you guidance about installation.


Steps of Setting the Recline Position

You can increase or decrease the recline position. The steps to increase and decrease the reclining work are given below:

For Increase

  • Set the seat according to your baby's height, size, and weight.
  • Use any bar to confirm whether or not the baby seat is in the recline position.
  • If it is in the lying position, tighten the Latch belt and then check the cushion area on the back.
  • If the gap is slight between the recline foot and the seat, then it is okay.
  • If there is no gap, you can adjust it tightly to keep it in the position. Avoid using noodles, and you will make your clek installation unstable.
  • You can also watch any video that guides you to increase the reclining position.

For Decrease

  • Adjust your back seat position a little tight.
  • Press the front seat cushion while tightening the latch system.
  • Base are you properly fit with the seat
  • You can also watch any video that guides you on decreasing the reclining position.

Final Verdict

Clek installation is not rocket science. You can install Clek by carefully reading the manual and instructions. Our blog has guided you on the Clek Canada installation procedure.

As a new parent, you can now easily install Clek without any help or assistance.
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