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Coco Village

Are you all set to furnish your little one’s nursery?  There are a few things that you need to consider before buying any type of baby furniture. Your baby’s nursery has a few essentials that not only define the nursery but also accompany your baby for a considerable period. Hence, there is no question of compromising on their purchase.

Macklem’s Baby Store Toronto is a good option if you are looking for quality along with a variety of baby products under one roof. As a new parent, you might want some guidance regarding your baby’s nursery furniture shopping. In this article, we have picked a renowned brand Coco Village. Let's go through some specifications of it and also my Village review.

Coco Village Canada


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When buying baby products, safety comes first. Your little bundle of joy is a tiny human being who needs ultimate care and safety. For instance, a crib or baby bed is the most important part of the baby nursery, but it can prove to be the most dangerous for your baby if you purchase one of low quality. A place where you put your baby to sleep at night needs to meet a series of requirements. You must check all of these features before finalizing any crib.

Durability - Review

If you need a crib where your little munchkin stays protected and well-contained, it should have strength and durability. Although during the first few months of their lives, infants sleep more and move less, as they grow, they begin hanging on the crib bars. Only if a crib is sturdy enough to handle this, can your baby enjoy their playful activities.

Otherwise, it may break during this and pose a threat to your little one’s safety. Hence, always check the model by rocking it back and forth before buying it. If it feels loose, don’t go for the purchase, or return it to replace it with a better model. Village crib meets the criteria of durability very well. If you need Village reviews, all of its products are high-quality. Coco beds are sturdy and trendy and made with a solid wood structure.

Perfectly Placed Bars

Cribs have bars for your little angel’s safety. The distance between these bars matters a lot. The ideal distance between these bars needs to be somewhere in the range of 2-3/ 8 inches. This is so because if the distance is less or more than this range, there may be a chance of getting your baby stuck between the bars. Therefore, to be on the safe side, always check the dimensions of the baby crib/bed yourself before finalizing it. Coco beds at Macklem’s store follow these safety criteria, hence making them ideal for your baby.

Convertible - Village Bed

This property saves your hard-earned money on one hand, along with keeping you from the hassle of buying a baby bed once your baby outgrows the crib. Babies grow very fast, and before you realize it, your little angel outgrows your favorite crib and you need to buy a baby bed for them. Therefore, it’s wise to buy a convertible crib in the first place. What makes Village reviews more positive is its ability to transition into a bed when you need it. Not only can you convert a crib into a Coco bed by removing its barriers but it can also transition into a desk. This small desk is the perfect place for your baby to draw or do homework.

Safe Corner Posts

Another important point to note while buying a crib is its corner posts’ height. Though they look great for decoration, if they are not of the right dimensions, they may pose a threat to your little one’s safety. If these sections are too high, your baby may get their clothes stuck in them and hurt themselves. That’s why it is recommended not to buy a specific model if posts exceed 1/16 of an inch. Keeping your baby’s safety in mind, Village has brought a versatile baby crib that has an equal-sized harmonious oval shape with no separate corner posts.

Coco Village Reviews

It offers a range of high-quality baby products that include baby bath accessories such as cotton bath towels, bathrobes, wash gloves, washcloths, and bath toy organizers. Moreover, Village Canada also brings a baby crib that converts to a bed, crib toys, educational towers, shoe bags, etc. Of all these, if we talk about the baby crib/bed, which is one of the basic items in your baby’s nursery, Village beds are exceptional. Some salient features of the Village bed are:

  • It is a comfortable, safe, and trendy bed.
  • The bed has added safety owing to its harmonious oval shape with no corner posts.
  • It has a solid wood structure that has both sturdiness and durability.
  • In crib mode, it has many positive Village reviews as it adjusts at different height levels.
  • Two removable barriers on both sides of the crib, once removed, allow for an easy transition into the bed.
  • It can also convert into a desk once your baby grows out of the crib, offering your little angel a perfect place to draw or do homework.

Reason To Choose  

If you are looking for a reliable brand for your little bundle of joy shopping, Village Canada is a good option. Besides baby bath accessories, the brand offers a convertible crib that can transition into a Village bed. Make your munchkin feel safe and comfortable in this versatile and trendy bed. Once bought as a crib, you can use it for a long time as a Village bed or desk, thereby enjoying three perks in one product. I give a thumbs-up for the Village review; try it and tell us how your experience is.

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