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Buy Baby Strollers in Ottawa

Parents are so overwhelmed with the thought of the arrival of their bundle of joy that they usually start buying baby products beforehand. You need to shop carefully for every baby product, especially baby gear. Baby gear, including strollers, is going to accompany your baby for a long time. It’s important to think well before investing in them.

Macklem’s is a renowned baby store in Toronto, Canada, that offers a range of baby products, including baby strollers. If you are living anywhere in Canada, you can avail yourself of their products through online purchases. As they provide insurance coverage for their products. Now you can buy baby strollers in Ottawa or anywhere within Canada from Macklem’s Baby Store.

Which Baby Strollers are the Best for Me?

Well, there is no single stroller that can be labeled as best for all. Everyone has unique needs; hence, you are the best judge to decide which baby strollers Ottawa are best fit for your baby. Out of many, we have shortlisted a few top-notch strollers here for your guidance.

Full-Size Strollers

As a new parent, you must be in search of an all-rounder stroller that can fulfill most of your needs. Full-size strollers needs to have:

  • Ease of use
  • Best quality
  • Ideal weight
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • There is a range of full-size strollers at Macklem’s Baby Store; let’s unfold a few of these.

    Nuna Mixx Next


          MIXX Next Stroller-Riveted                                                               MIXX Next Stroller Granite 

    If you are looking for a fancy, all-terrain reversible stroller among full-size strollers, opt for the Nuna Mixx Next. Some specifications of Nuna Mixx Next are:

    • Smooth ride with free flex suspension at the rear wheels and progressive suspension on the front wheels.
    • Compact fold and it locks after folding with a click so you can easily pull it behind you like a trolley.
    • A weather-friendly seat that keeps your baby cozy in the winter and can convert into mesh in the summer.
    • One-touch rear wheel braking system.
    • A no-rethread five-point harness that can convert to a three-point harness as your baby grows.
    • One-hand recline to five positions and adjustable calf support comforts the baby. For quick naps, there is an option for a true-flat recline.
    • Ready for any terrain with its dark gray matte frame and tough chrome-filled tires.
    • Height-adjustable handle and removable handlebar.
    • Extendable and water-repellent UPF 50+ canopy with ventilation panel.
    • Removable two-piece seat insert that grows with your baby.
    • Travel system compatible by pairing well with the MIXX series bassinet and the PIPA series infant car seats( sold separately).
    • Pocket to keep your cell phone at the back of the seat.
    • Magnetic buckle that automatically sets in its place to secure the baby's snap.

    In addition, some other examples of strollers in full-size include the UPPAbaby Vista V2, UPPAbaby Cruz V2, Bugaboo Fox 3, Bugaboo Fox 5, Cybex Priam 4, and Peg Perego Vivace.

    Lightweight Strollers

    Besides full-size strollers, parents are also interested in lightweight, easy-to-manage strollers. If you get both of these characteristics in a single stroller, then you are lucky enough. Among lightweight strollers, one top pick is:

    Baby Jogger City Mini


           City Mini Opulent GT2                                                          City Mini Stone Grey                                                  City Mini Briar Green 

    At a weight of just around 21 pounds, this is one of the ideal lightweight strollers and is the perfect fit for any terrain.

    The Baby Jogger City Mini has a revised design with three wheels, all-wheel suspension, and air rubber tires that ensure smooth strolling. One-hand compact folding, hand-operated parking brakes, and an adjustable handlebar add more convenience. Also, the adjustable calf support and seat recline to a near-flat position add more comfort for your child.

    You can create a travel system with the help of City Go infant car seat adapters or any other car seat of your choice.

    Other top options in the range of lightweight strollers at Macklem’s Baby Store include UPPAbaby Minu V2, UPPAbaby G-Luxe, Peg Perego Selfie, and Bugaboo Bee 6.

    Single to Double Strollers

    Convertible strollers, or single-to-double strollers are truly magical. As they grow with your family, from single-to-double when the second baby comes in and back to single when the older one grows out of it. When you have the economical option of buying strollers then why waste a whole lot of money on buying double strollers? Out of many strollers available at Macklem’s store, we have selected one for this article.

    Baby Jogger City Select 2


              City Select 2 Eco - Lunar Black                                 City Select 2 Eco - Harbor Grey                                   City Select 2 Eco - Mulberry Burgundy

    If you are looking for a versatile stroller for your kids, then the Baby Jogger City Select 2 is worth trying. With more than 24 possible configurations, this stroller can not only accommodate two of your kids but also a third one with an added infant car seat or glider board to triple the fun.

    To make your baby comfortable, Baby Jogger City 2 has a padded seat and a breathable canopy with thermal-regulating TENCEL fabric. Moreover, unlike most other strollers with a larger fold, the Baby Jogger City Select has a one-step compact fold that is 20% smaller. Also, at less than 27 pounds weight, it falls into the category of lightweight strollers Ottawa.

    Despite being a part of strollers, it has plenty of room between seats to bring more comfort to your kids.

    Other names in single to double strollers Ottawa at Macklem’s store are UPPAbaby Vista V2, Guzzie + Guss Twice, Bugaboo Donkey 5 Mono Complete, and Silver Cross Reef.

    Stroller Accessories

    Stroller accessories Ottawa bring more life to your stroller. Out of a range of stroller accessories Ottawa available at Macklem’s Baby Store, some more common in use are:

    • Infant insert
    • Weather cover
    • Parent cup holder
    • Misting fan
    • Replacement drink and snack tray
    • Travel bag
    • Retractable canopy
    • Bassinet Vista/Cruz
    • Vista V2 Rumble Seat


    As a resident of Canada, you need not worry about shopping for baby products. You can have an on-site visit to Macklem’s Baby Store Toronto or have an online bird’s-eye view of the store to order anywhere in Canada. 

    You can find everything here, from full-size strollers Ottawa to single-to-double strollers Ottawa. Also, you can bring more comfort to your baby by adding stroller accessories Ottawa to your stroller. For instance, with the addition of a glider board or piggyback, you can have a toddler move with your stroller. You can enjoy your evening walk while sipping tea securely placed in the cup holder of your baby’s stroller. Make innovations through stroller accessories Ottawa, to make more fun-filled memories with your little one.

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