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Baby Shoes

Are you all done with your baby’s shopping, including baby clothes, blankets, bath accessories, baby furniture, and baby gear? Then still, you are missing something: baby shoes! This is a fact: your baby spends most of their first year of life lying down, sitting, or crawling, barely taking a month or two to take steps and walk.

But you need to protect their cute, tiny feet, as a lot is going on beneath them. Also, like the rest of their bodies, babies’ feet have partially developed bones that change their shape and number during the first five years of their lives. Hence, these early years of your baby’s life are crucial for their feet’ development. Therefore, buying the right size and type of shoes is important. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss some tips about that magical moment when you buy shoes for your bundle of joy.

Dos & Don’ts of Buying Shoes

There are certain things you need to keep in mind while buying shoes. Their color and styles come later, but the first thing that you need to see in toddler shoes is the ability to allow their feet to grow normally and comfortably. Always go through this baby shoe checklist:

  • Choose close-cropped soles to avoid tripping.
  • Ensure there is room for movement and growth.
  • Try to choose shoes with soft leather uppers.
  • Go for lightweight, flexible soles that ease walking.
  • Try to opt for shoes with padded ankles for support.
  • Always choose shoes with fully adjustable fastenings.

Before Cruising -  Shoes

Before your little angel starts walking or cruising, most of the time they lie on the bed, barely sitting, or crawling. Usually, babies don’t start walking suddenly; somewhere between crawling and walking, they start cruising. Between 10-18 months, your little one pulls themselves up to any support and starts sliding their way with their hands and feet.

Before that time, your baby may not require shoes; all you need to do is buy footies or footmuffs to cover their delicate feet. On occasion, you can buy a pair or two of shoes just to make them look stylish; otherwise, shoes don’t serve much purpose.

We have a range of cute and stylish shoes at Macklem’s Baby Store Canada that can fulfill the purpose of wearing them. Stonz Yale-Dune shoes are available in the 0-6 month range. The good thing about these shoes is that they are soft, breathable, and easy to slip on and lock on baby's ankles, so there is no chance of slipping them off.

The stretchy knitted cuffs with form-fitting soles and no heels won’t damage their developing feet. The breathable nature of Yale Slip-on shoes is perfect for newborns, cruisers, and early walkers who need soft shoes to protect their toes. During the cruising phase, when your baby is crawling and walking intermittently, these shoes in Canada are easy to clean due to the eco-friendly silicone upper.

Gender Differences in Shoes

As you get your toddler a pair of shoes to add to their style, you want to wear them according to their gender. At Macklem’s store, we have shoes as well as baby boy shoes. You can find every size and type of shoes here, such as:

Stonz Baby Booties - Baby Girl Shoes


                                                                       Baby Booties - Black S                                                                       Baby Booties - Wildflower - Navy S

For winter, you need these baby booties for your early walker or cruising baby. Available in wildflowers as your baby girl shoes and also in black as your baby boy shoes. Lined with fleece, so it’s perfect to keep your early-walker feet warm in the winter season. With their extra-wide size, these booties are easy to slip over socks or liners. Also, these booties are machine washable so you need not worry if your baby happens to get into a puddle.

Robeez First Kicks-Skipper - Baby Boy Shoes


                                                              First Kicks - Skipper - Tan                                                                     First Kicks - Skipper - Navy

These are the perfect boy shoes for your little one. With a flexible, cushioned insole and suede outsole, they are ideal for protecting your little one’s feet while allowing healthy foot development. These shoes are available in a range of sizes from 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and 18-24 months.

Stonz Cruiser 2T - Shoes


                                                                             Cruiser Navy                                                                                   Cruiser Haze Pink

The Cruiser is a lightweight shoe that is specifically designed for baby feet to support early walking. You can buy these shoes for any gender, as they are available in a range of colors. Select blues and blacks as boy shoes and red, orange, and sea green as girl shoes, or whichever you like. With strong ankle support, the Cruiser helps your baby stand up and improve their balance. Also, the front one-third is lightweight, and the flexible sole can bend to help with foot movements. While the reinforced heel improves your baby’s balance. The wide opening and velcro closure make the removal of these shoes very easy. The breathable mesh and hi-poly insole keep their feet dry during hot weather.

Robeez First Kicks-Aria Pink - Shoes Boy

First Kicks - Aria Pink

If you have a baby girl, Robeez caters to you very well. Available in pink, these shoes are classy, stylish, and extra comfortable due to the insole and split rubber outsole protection. You can find a range of sizes in this shoes girl from 0-9 months.

Robeez First Kicks-Everyday Eliza - Shoes Girl

First Kicks - Everyday Eliza

Another style of shoes girl for your cute little lady. The First Kicks collection has the common features of an easy stay-on design, a soft cushioned insole, and elastic ankle construction to stay in place. These baby girl shoes are available in different sizes: 1 & 2 sizes have a suede outsole, while 3-6 sizes feature a split rubber outsole. Hence, your little lady’s feet get more comfort and protection as they begin to walk.

Baby Shoes Reason To Chose 

Buying shoes for your little angel is an art, and you need to buy shoes Canada mindfully. Whether you buy shoes for your toddler baby girl or shoes boy, keep their comfort, balance, and growing feet in mind. There are plenty of options available at Macklem’s Baby Store; select any pair of shoes from Cruisers or First Kicks, sandals, or booties. Also, we have a rich variety for both genders; you can find stylish shoes boy or baby shoes for your little princess.

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