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Baby Bathing Toronto

Baby bathing products comprise a dedicated portion of your baby-related shopping. To make bathing more fun for your little bundle of joy, you need to choose baby bathing accessories accordingly. Also, their delicate skin needs extra care, and that demands the purchase of high-quality products related to bathing.

Macklem’s Baby Store Toronto has been serving for the last eight decades with a unique and world-class variety of baby products. You can find all kinds of baby bathing Toronto accessories here. If you are an expectant parent, this article can help you shortlist baby bathing products.

Baby Bathing Toronto 

To handle the bath, you need some basic things such as bathtubs, bath towels, bath toys, hair care, and skincare products. Out of some of the best brands of bathing that are available at Macklem’s store, we have mentioned a few of them here.

Baby Bath Tubs Toronto

Your baby is too little to handle in a bath without an infant bathtub. To make your baby’s bath safer and fun-filled, you can buy any of the following available at Macklem’s store:

OXO Tot Infant Bath Tub

Infant Bath Tub

This bathtub can grow with your little one from birth until 18 months of age. It has a narrow end for smaller infants and newborns, so there is no need to buy a separate infant insert. Once your baby is old enough to sit on their own, use the wide end to make them sit and play there.

Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Bathtub

NAKED 2-Position Collapsible Bathtub

It is among those baby bathtubs Toronto that have a built-in bump on one side to create the recline that you require for a newborn bath. The design has foldable legs and a narrow side for newborns, while the other is wide for growing babies who can sit up.

Baby Bath Towels & Wash Cloths Toronto 

To wrap your little angel, you need a set of soft baby bath towels & wash clothes. Some top picks among baby bath towels & wash clothes at Macklem’s store are:

Little Unicorn Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set


Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set Grey Stripe           Hooded Towel & Washcloth Set Taupe Cross

The set includes one towel and one washcloth. On the outer side, this towel set has printed muslin while an ultra-soft terry cloth on the inside. Besides the cozy hood, it has pockets for the little hands.

Loulou Lollipop Hooded Towel Set


                                                                Hooded Towel Set Woodland Gnome                                 Hooded Towel Set Llama

The set includes one muslin towel and one muslin washcloth. It is made with butterfly-soft fabric and a lining of ultra-absorbent terry cloth.

Baby Hair Care Toronto

The soft hair of your little angel needs extreme care, as chemicals can harm it. Some famous products from baby hair care available at Macklem’s store are:

Boo Bamboo Natural Shampoo & Bodywash

Natural Shampoo & Wash - 300ml

This product of baby hair care not only takes care of your baby’s soft hair but also their delicate skin. The product is naturally derived from sugar and organic bamboo extract and is free from sulfates. So, no more tears with Bamboo Shampoo & Body wash. Also, with its perfect pH balance, there is no fear of the body's natural skin oils drying.

Honest Company Bubble Bath

Make the bath time more fun by adding this baby hair care to their bath routine. This gentle bubble bath is formulated with organic chamomile & calendula to gently soothe your baby’s skin. Also, jojoba protein and quinoa nourish their delicate skin and hair.

Baby Skin Care

To protect your baby’s skin from dryness and nappy rashes, you need baby skin care. Some products worth mentioning at Macklem’s store are:

Honest Company Face/ Body Lotion


250 mL Face Body Lotion - Sweet Orange Vanilla          Face/Body Lotion -Dreamy Lavender 8.5oz/250ml

This hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and pH-balanced product belonging to baby skin care Toronto takes good care of your baby’s skin. The body lotion has organic oils like olive, shea, and jojoba oils that nourish your baby’s soft skin. Also, the chamomile, calendula, and aloe in it soothe your baby.


Sudocrem® 250 g Tub

With its triple action, this 80-year-old formula for diaper rash acts as one of the best baby skin care. It works in three ways to soothe, heal, and protect your little one’s delicate skin. It has a local anesthetic to relieve pain and irritation from the rash and a water-resistant base that prevents urine and feces from coming into contact with the skin which promotes quick healing.

Baby Nail Care

Your baby has tiny nails and other body structures that need extreme care. You can find the following products in our range of baby nail care Toronto.

Fridababy 3-in-1 Nose, Nail & Ear Picker

3-in-1 Nose Nail & Ear Picker


This baby nail care Toronto set comes with four different tips for nose, nail, ear, and belly button cleaning.

Fridababy Grooming Kit

Baby Grooming Kit

This head-to-toe grooming set of baby nail care Toronto has four items. A double-sided finger brush protects grown-up fingers when a baby chomps down, A nail scissor with a case with safe rounded blades for nail trimming, an s-shaped nail file, and a soft-bristled hair brush.

Baby Bath Toys Toronto

Toys add more fun to your little one’s bath time. We have a variety of cute and safe infant toys Toronto at Macklem’s store.

Kushies Siliqueeze Toys

These amazing squirting toys are made of 100% silicone. With these playful toys, your kid enjoys their bath and each squirter opens up for easy cleaning with no mold buildup.

Kido Origami Boats

These toys Toronto include classic Origami boats, pack of 3, that transform into bright hues in warm water.

Infant Bath Tubs Accessories Toronto

With baby bathtubs accessories Toronto, your baby looks forward to bath time. We have an exciting collection of baby bathtubs accessories Toronto at Macklem’s store.

Fridababy DermaFrida the Skinsoother

DermaFrida the Skinsoother 2 pack

With this bathtub accessory, your baby can have flake-free and soft skin. It's a baby spa in your hand, with a suction cap for easy drying and a brush for body massage. Apply cleanser at bath time, then use the brush in a circular motion all over your baby’s body.

Boon RIPPLE Bathtub Mat - Infant Bath Tubs Toronto

RIPPLE Bathtub Mat - blue

Unlike other bath mats that are too small and stiff, and water gets trapped underneath them, this bathtub mat is free of all these issues. It is large enough, has a super soft texture to prevent slipping, and has drain holes to expel water.

Baby Bathing Toronto's Buying Objective

As a parent, you may want to cherish every moment with your little one, including their bathtime. Make your baby’s bath a special ritual both for you and your little angel with our bathing essentials. Have a special collection of high-quality bathtubs, bath towels, wash clothes, hair care, skincare, nail care, bath toys, and baby bathtubs accessories Toronto at Macklem’s Baby Store.

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