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Top Toys for Pretend Play

Everyone likes presents, and kids are no different. Rather, once you become a parent, you come to know that children demand gifts on every other occasion. Whether it's their birthday or the holiday season, sometimes you need to bribe them with presents of their choice to make them do something they wouldn't otherwise do.

However, the problem is that these little human beings are fascinated by every other toy, but soon they get bored of it. Hence, picking a gift your little one will enjoy for a long time is a bit of a challenge. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the Top Toys for Pretend Play.

Household Items - Pretend Toys

Kids copy their mom and dad in every aspect; they do what they see. Hence, to familiarize them with household items they see but can't use yet, you can bring them toys mimicking these items. These toys make them feel like mini moms and dads while keeping them safe.

  • Telephone Toy: Fisher Price Chatter Phone with rolling eyes, an old-school rotary dial, a mouth that loves to chatter, and wheels that roll to keep your little one busy all day long.
  • TV Radio: Fisher Price Music Box TV is a two-in-one toy. It simulates radio with a knob, and winding it turns on the melody while scenes scroll across the window.
  • Kitchen Set: Janod Loft Kitchen helps children from 3 to imagine they are chefs. This wooden kitchen offers a sink and a tap, kitchen cabinets, an oven, metal accessories, and fabric gloves. It's a treat for your little one!


                          CHATTER PHONE                                                         Loft Kitchen                                                                    TV RADIO

Everyday Cuisine

Children can learn about different cuisines through these Top Toys for Pretend:

  • Zoo Bark-Ista Set by Skip Hop: Help your child build their own cafe with this toy. The 20-piece set includes a cafe machine, storage tray, drawer, filter, cups, Zoo lattes, whipped toppings, donuts, etc. Your little one will enjoy serving yummy drinks with this cute set.
  • Zoo Brunch Set: Your child will love to make and serve brunch with this pretend toy set. The 16-piece set displays a healthy meal concept by including avocado, eggs, bacon, a serving tray, etc.
  • Skip Hop Piece a Pizza Set: This set has everything to mimic real pizza, from an authentic pizza delivery box to pizza slices, toppings, and a cheese shaker. Your little one will love to pretend to be a master pizza chef.


                    Zoo Bark-Ista Set                                            ZOO Piece A Pizza Toy Set                                           Zoo Let's Brunch Set

Dessert Making

If your little one is a dessert lover, these toys will bring more fun to their imagination.

  • Zoo Waffle Set by Skip Hop: This set features a waffle iron, a serving plate, a magic waffle, and fruit slice toppings. Little chefs love to whip up waffles not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner.
  • Zoo Ice Cream Playset: The six-piece playset includes an ice cream shop with a cash register, a waffle cone, a scoop of ice cream, etc. This ice cream set brings yummy fun to your little one's life.
  • Zoo Sort & Stack Cupcakes: Little bakers love to build their own cupcakes with this toy. The set includes a tiered cupcake stand, 4 cupcakes, their frosting and liners, pastry bags, and 4 toppers. Kids really enjoy the magic of color change when they squeeze frosting or sprinkles through the pastry bag.


                ZOO Waffle-Y Fun Set                                            Zoo Ice Cream Shoppe Playset Toy                                        Vet Set

Career Pretend Toys 

Introduce the concept of a career to your little one through these toys.

  • Vet Set by Plan Toys: This vet set makes your child imagine they are treating animals. It includes three pieces of medical equipment: a vaccine bottle, a collar, a bandage, and two X-ray films, all of which are confined in a doctor's bag.
  • Manhattan Toy Historian Camera: Introduce the concept of photography to your little one through this camera toy. This four-piece set includes a wooden camera, a neck strap, and 3 interchangeable lenses: clear, green, and kaleidoscope.
  • Cash Register by Fisher Price: This toy introduces the concept of money exchanged for goods to your child. The cash register comes with 6 plastic coins.


Natural Historian Camera                                                           Cash Register

Make-Believe Toys

Kids love to make-believe when playing. Some toys that ignite their imagination are:

  • Janod Miss Dressing Table: This wooden dressing table with a mirror, a drawer, and a stool for sitting is for children 3 years of age and older. It helps them imitate grown-ups by getting ready at the same time as them.
  • Munchkin Deep Sea Fishin’ Bath Toy: An educational fishing bath toy set with a hook, line, and sink. It makes your child believe they are fishing while taking a bath.
  • Babymoov Anti-UV Pop-Up Outdoor Tent: Your little one can get the benefit of this tent not only by hiding from the sun at the beach but also by playing hide and seek.

Let the Magic Start

Ignite your little one’s imagination and bring more fun to their lives through different toys. From everyday household items to food-making toys, make-believe toys to career toys, you have a lot of choices. Just do not get them a gift that can't help them improve their skills; buy thoughtfully for young learners.

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