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How Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Canada is the best?

Parents usually love baby furniture or accessories that can stand the test of time. It's economical to buy a baby nursery item that your little one can enjoy for years, and it can pass from one sibling to another when the elder one grows out of it. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Canada is a dependable, adjustable, and functional chair that can grow with your little one.

A Tripp Trapp chair is a durable, stylish, practical, and eco-friendly piece of furniture. Owing to its easy-to-clean properties, it proves itself a good addition to your kitchen or dining table. Let's delve a little deeper to learn more about the chair.

Tripp Trapp Chair: All You Need to Know

The iconic chair was the first chair of its kind, designed by Peter Opsvik in 1972. Some salient features of the this chair are:

Aesthetic & Comfortable Design 

This chair is a beautiful piece of furniture! A simple design, natural finish, and a variety of painted colors make it a perfect fit for any decor or style. A stable footrest that supports your child adds comfort. Unique adjustability of seat and footplate ensures back as well as foot support for kids of all ages.

Lightweight & Compact

With only 15 lbs of weight, this chair is one of the lightest chairs on the market. Also, with its compact design, it can easily fit into your small kitchen or dining space. Another good thing about chair is that, despite not folding flat, it takes up very little space because of its ability to tuck under the table like a regular chair.


This is one of the most durable chairs due to its construction from long-lasting European beech wood. It is a natural material with a rich surface and is available in a variety of beautiful patterns. Solid European beech wood can hold up to 242 lbs.


The chair is safer for your baby owing to its 5-point harness provided with a baby set. By adding gliders to the chair, Stokke lengthens the back legs, providing extra stability, and minimizing the risk of tipping over while pushing it back. The water-based, non-toxic paint of Stokke Chair, free of harmful chemicals, is safe for your baby. Stokke also got a safety certification from JPMA.


As your little one’s feeding partner, the chair needs frequent cleaning. The water-based paint is easy to wipe down with a wet cloth. Moreover, the cushion fabric of chair is a thick canvas that is easy to wipe, and if it needs a deep cleaning, just put it in the washer and dryer.

Grows With Your Baby

This Chair is designed to provide a comfortable seat for your child right from birth till adulthood. You can start seating your baby at the dining table in the heart of your family right from birth with the newborn set. This enables your child to have eye contact with the family. You can use a baby set around six to nine months to support your baby sitting comfortably at the table. As you lift your little one with this cozy and ergonomic chair to bring them to your height at the table, they spend quality time with the family. You can remove the baby set when your child is a toddler and confidently climb in and out of this chair.

What’s more special about chair is the adjustability of this strong, durable, and stylish chair. This comfortable seat can be used as a high chair for young children; even teens and adults can use the sturdy chair.

If you need a premium-quality, stylish, and intelligently designed high chair, then the chair is the best one to invest in. You can use it for years to comfortably seat your child, even during their teen years.

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