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How to Fold YOYO Stroller?

BabyZen YOYO is a versatile stroller that is a hallmark of comfort and super maneuverability. Not only does your little one enjoy comfy YOYO, but you also feel much relieved owing to its signature folding and unfolding. The fantastic lightweight stroller folds and unfolds like a flash, making the YOYO the perfect stroller for holidays and trips.

Whether you have just bought the YOYO or are about to purchase this highly recommendable travel stroller, first learn about “How to Fold YOYO Stroller

yoyo stroller

Two Step Simple & Quick Folding

One of the reasons behind the stroller's popularity is its quick and easy folding and unfolding, besides its compact size that fits easily in an airplane cabin or the trunk of a car.

The folding of this pushchair requires you to press the buttons on the chassis, press down the handlebar, pull up the bar underneath, and there you go. A stroller that is so compact that you can carry it over your shoulder! Moreover, it comes with plenty of customization options that enable your baby to enjoy this stroller for a long time, from newborn-hood to toddler-hood and beyond. The lightweight BabyZen YOYO gives you the option to use it either from your baby’s birth or from 6 months or both; simply buy the right seat pack according to your needs.

For use from birth, buy the YOYO 0+ Newborn Pack which includes a nest with lie-flat parent-facing features. It comes with a canopy and a nest pad. After your little one reaches the age of 6 months, swap it with the YOYO 6+Color Pack.

If you are interested in learning about “How to Fold YOYO Stroller”, you need to follow these two steps.

  1. Fold the canopy and handlebar: First, you need to start by folding the canopy and handlebar. Just press the white buttons on each side of the canopy, which are highlighted as white circles printed on the canopy. Pressing these buttons enables you to easily fold the handlebar down.
  2. Fold the frame: There is a button under the stroller seat; press it, then pull the red lever until you hear a click and this makes the frame collapse easily. While folding the frame compactly, hold the silver bar until it locks in place.

The two-step easy folding of this stroller, its carry-on shoulder option with a comfy shoulder strap, and its cabin-approved feature for most airlines make it travel-friendly.

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