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How to Install Nuna PIPA Car Seat

Traveling with your little bundle of joy most safely and securely requires you to have a baby seat. The first step after getting a seat for your baby is its installation. Not a single rule applies to all; every type of seat is installed in its own way.

If you want to learn “how to install NUNA seat”, we can guide you in this article.


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Nuna PIPA Installation: A Step Wise Guide

Before answering your question “How to place NUNA seat”, you need to understand that there is more than one way. You follow different approaches while installing PIPA, either with or without a base or without the LATCH system. Let’s discuss each one individually.

Installation of PIPA With Base

  • While installing the PIPA base, the first step is to find the lower anchors in your vehicle. Usually, these are marked with a universal symbol showing a child in a seat. Most of the vehicles have lower anchors on two side seats, not the middle one.
  • After holding the PIPA connectors with your hands, push the base into the seat anchors, and keep pushing until you hear the clicking sound of the connectors connecting to the vehicle seat.
  • The sign of a successful base connecting with the car's lower anchors is the indicator window showing green on both sides.
  • Adjust the base so that the green bubble on the bottom keeps your baby in the right reclining position. If your baby is unable to sit upright, make sure to keep the green bubble as far to the right as possible.
  • You can use the load leg to properly adjust the base; for that, press the gray button while lifting the base with one hand. Put the back of the base down, and put the load leg back down.

Installation of the PIPA Belt

  • First, flip up and then out the blue lock-up.
  • Then thread both the shoulder and lap seat belts together.
  • Click them in, then tighten the blue lock-up again.
  • Recheck the installation by moving the base of the belt wrap around from side to side as well as forward and backward. The sign of proper installation is the inability of PIPA to move at all.

Placement of PIPA Without LATCH

You can place a NUNA seat even if your car doesn’t have the LATCH system.

  • To begin with, place the seat in the position you want for your child.
  • Thread the safety belt through the anchor points in the PIPA.
  • Latch the belt and tighten it up to secure it.
  • If you are using both, the shoulder seat and the lap seat, ensure to lock the shoulder seat. To do this, pull the shoulder belt towards you until the belt stops. Then let the belt retract by itself, and pull on the belt once more to ensure it is locked.

How to Install Seat Without a Base

For PIPA installation without the base, you have two options: either use the American routing method or the European routing method. To use the American routing system, take the seat belt and thread the lap belt through the belt guides. Buckle the safety strap and make sure the level line is level with the ground.

You can pull out your seat belt to lock it, then push down and back on the car seat to check its movements. If it moves less than an inch, it's fixed properly; otherwise, push the PIPA from behind into the seat, pull up on the slack, and check the movement again.

For the European routing method, first thread the lap belt through the belt instructions. Then take the shoulder belt through the blue belt guides on the back of the seat. While pushing down on the seat, pull up on the shoulder buckle and push back on the back of the seat. Move the seat from side to side and front and back to ensure its movement is less than an inch. Move around the seat to ensure it's properly reclined.

European routing ensures a more secure installation and minimizes the crash forces on the baby’s head and neck.

PIPA Placement on the Middle Seat of the Vehicle

For PIPA placement on the middle seat, place the car seat in the position you want your child to sit in. Now, take the safety belt, through it through the anchor points at the back of PIPA, and latch the safety belt. Make sure it is tight enough not to allow movements of PIPA more than an inch.

How to Install a Seat on a Stroller

First, remove the cover of the stroller, then install the brackets. After that, attach a Nuna PIPA seat with the help of brackets and keep going until you hear the click that ensures it's fixed properly.

Installation of PIPA in Airplane

Place the PIPA on a seat next to the window in a rear-facing position on a single aisle plane. In a plane with two aisles, you can place it in the center of the middle row. Thread the lap belt through the safety strap guides on each side of the PIPA. After that, you need to buckle the seat belt and pull it until it tightens.

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