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How to Fold the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller

The Cruz is a popular stroller intended to be lightweight, easy to move, and adaptable to use in various conditions. Thus, if you need to take your kid for a walk around the area or travel out to another city, the Uppababy Cruz is a trustworthy choice to purchase.

In any case, as a parent or guardian, you have taken your kid for a walk in a stroller. Yet, you don't know how to fold the stroller. You were attempting to overlap it. However, it isn't folding. You could believe that folding the Cruz V2 stroller is the most difficult product throughout parenthood life. We are here to address your concern about folding the stroller.

In this blog, we will address your problem of folding the Cruz stroller. Give it a read.

How to Fold Uppababy Cruz

The Cruz is intended to be lightweight and straightforward to move while collapsed, making it an incredible decision for city and rural conditions. Its capacity to overlay rapidly and effectively makes it a good decision for guardians to purchase it.

Position the Stroller

The most essential phase for rollling the Cruz is to place the stroller on a flat surface. Ensure the stroller is set correctly and that the wheels are facing up. The handlebar ought to be in its most elevated position.

Apply the Brakes

Before rolling a stroller, it's critical to connect with the brakes to ensure it stays set up. To mobilize the brakes on the Cruz, you need to push down on the red brake pedal that is situated on the right-hand side of the stroller to activate the brakes. As soon as the pedal snaps, you will know that the brakes are locked in place.

Adjust the Handlebar

Changing the handlebar to its lowest position is the next step. It will surely make it simpler to roll the Cruz. To do this, push the handlebar downward towards the stroller's seat. This will permit the stroller to slide the handlebar down to its most minimal position. You'll know it's in the correct position when you hear a tick.

Fold the Canopy

The stroller has a covering with an extendable UPF 50+ overhang for added shade against the sun. To remove the shade, just overlay it. When falling, the shade ought to sit parallel to the handlebar.

Open the Frames

Open the frame after folding the canopy. There are two trigger buttons situated on the two sides of the stroller edge near the handlebar. After finding them, pull these triggers up and open the frames.

Fold the Stroller

To start rolling Cruz V2, tilt the upper piece of the stroller towards the ground. The left side will naturally lock with the hook on the left side, remaining fold in a standing position. You'll realize the edge is appropriately secured when you hear a clicking sound.

Fold the Seat

This stage is to fold the Cruz seat. To do this, lift the seat switch situated on the rear of the seat. The button is located on the right-hand side of the seat. While holding the switch, push the seat down towards the stroller until it's completely fallen. Ensure the seat is secure in its imploded position before continuing toward the stage.

CRUZ V2 Gregory

Tips for Folding the Uppababy Stroller

  • As you know, practice makes a man perfect. The more practice or training you do for rolling Cruz V2, the easier it becomes for you to fold it. Do a little practice before folding your stroller.
  • Use your both in the process of folding the Cruz. This technique will help you to keep away the strain and damage.
  • Your toddler stroller should be well-maintained. Clean your stroller daily. Sometimes, dirt and debris can affect the folding mechanism of the stroller.
  • When the stroller is not in use, store it in dry and close because wet and moisture may damage the folding mechanism of the stroller.
  • If your shade or canopy is extended, fold it to the normal position
  • Use a latch or strap to secure your toddler stroller. It helps to prevent mistakenly unfolding the stroller during travelling or storage.


Folding the Uppababy stroller can appear to be complicated for the guardians and parents, but with the proper practice and training, it turns out very simple. Macklem’s can direct you on how to fold the Cruz. By following these above steps, you can securely and effectively fold the Cruz stroller. 

It permits you to use it confidently in your excursions with your kid. Ensure the stroller is perfect and very much kept up with to guarantee it turns out appropriately long into the future.

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