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How to Adjust a Baby Crib?

Your baby is growing day by day. Watching your child grow is the best part of parenthood. You need to decide how to adjust a crib. It depends on the age and baby's height and whether to adjust the crib.

The crib has a feature to adjust it. The need for baby crib height adjustment is required when your baby starts growing and the safety elements come in. You can move the crib downward as they grow.

If you do not know how to adjust the crib's height, you do not need to worry about that. This blog basically guides you about the correct adjustment of height. I will explain how you can quickly lower the height of the mattress.

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Height Adjustment Guidelines

The crib of baby has three adjustment setting:

  • Highest setting 
  • Middle setting 
  • Lower setting 

The highest setting is for newborns because they can do any movement. The crib should be in the highest setting when the baby cannot sit or stand properly. This setting is very convenient for the parents because they have to put and pick up the baby in a short time. 

The middle setting is for the four to eight months of the baby. When the baby can sit properly then the middle crib setting is used. Every crib has its own instruction to lower the cribs. You should consult the manual to lower the height of the crib.

The lower setting is for the baby when you can sit and stand without your help. This is the time to lower the crib. Basically, if the height of the baby reaches to 35 inches, you use lower the size of the mattress.

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Steps to Adjust the Height of the Crib

  • You have an option of a pillion to put under the mattress to give a little height to the mattress. After planning the pillow, ensure the mattress is in the correct position; otherwise, it will make it uncomfortable for your little one.
  • You can also use a towel instead of pillow to heighten the mattress. Make a little ball of the towel and place it under the head of the baby. You must ensure that it does not make uncomfortable to the baby.
  • If your baby is still uncomfortable with the towels and pillows, it is time for crib height adjustment. Remove the wheel from the crib to be placed in the correct position.
  • Now, figure out the baby's age as given in the time to adjust section. After deciding on the height, adjust it to five to six inches. You just need to increase the height to only a few inches. Otherwise, it would be unsafe for the baby.

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Time to Convert Crib to Toddler Bed

When you shift your bed to the lowest position, it is time to convert the crib to a toddler bed. When you turn three, your baby should sleep in the bed. Sometimes, it is difficult for two or three old babies to sleep in their bed, but as time passes, they get used to it.

Many things are coming into your mind, as they can come out of the crib, have grown much, and do not sleep in the crib. Other training, like sleeping separately and eating, should be given then. So, shifting your three-year-old from a crib to a toddler bed is essential for the growth and safety of your baby.

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Safety Precautions

You should follow some safety precautions when your baby is sleeping in a crib for baby.

  • The toys, blankets, and other stuffed animals should be placed in the crib until the baby turns one year old. When the baby sleeps, these things come near the baby's neck or nose, which causes suffocation while sleeping in a crib.
  • Put the back of the crib from their back. Little ones usually roll down when you place them in their cot, but you do not allow them to roll and place them like them. Always remember the baby from their back to ensure safety.
  • One-piece sleepers should be used when your baby is sleeping. Heaving blankets makes uncomfortable to the baby.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, you will learn how to adjust the height of the baby cribs by using crib attachments. Adjustable baby cribs are essential nowadays for the safety of your baby. Buy a crib that is easily adjustable for the baby's age.

You should buy adjustable baby cribs. As the baby grows, the safety element comes to mind. You cannot purchase the cribs off and on. It is a long-term investment, and the adjustable cribs are required for the safety of your little toddler.

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