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Bath Mats

As a parent, you need to become familiar with your baby's needs and accessories related to them. There is a long list of baby products you can buy to comfort your little munchkin or bring ease into your life. Talking only about baby bathing, there is a lot of stuff you need to make your baby’s bath more of a fun experience.

Bathtubs, bath towels or wash clothes, hair care and skin care products, bath toys, and other bathtub accessories are just a few of them. Until your baby starts sitting, you need a bathtub for them to ensure a safe bath. Moving them from their bathtub to the family bathtub is a big milestone that most babies achieve around 6-8 months. However, you require mats or mats set to ensure their safety during a bath in the family bathtub. If you are a new parent who wants to know all about the usage of mats in Canada, let’s go through this article.

Baby Mats Usage

A baby bath mat is a bathing accessory that you place inside a bathtub to make it a non-slip surface for your little one. Mats ensure a safe bath, allowing you to change baby positions easily without fear of slipping.

In simple words, mats provide a secure layer between your baby and the underlying slippery bathtub. Babies can’t stay still; either you engage them with bath toys or something else, but still, they keep splashing and playing during bath time. Hence, to ensure a safe and secure bath without annoying your baby, you need a baby mat. We have different kinds of individual mats and mats sets available at Macklem’s Baby Store. You can check them out to choose the one that suits you the best. Some worth mentioning mats/mats sets are:

Skip Hop Moby Bath Time Kit


                                                           Moby Bathtime Essentials Kit - Blue                               Moby Bathtime Essentials Kit - Grey

The kit includes four bathing accessories: one combination includes a rinser and a bath spout cover for your baby while an elbow rest and a kneeler for parents. While another mat set combination includes a bath spout cover, a mat with a kneeler, and an elbow rest, This purposeful mats set makes bathing time a much more fun-filled experience for both your baby and you.

The rinser has patented ridges to keep water out of your baby’s eyes and ears, while a bath spout cover keeps bumps at bay. A bath mat provides a stable cushion for your baby while in the bathtub. The added elbow rest and kneeler provide a comfy ground for parents during baby bath time. Instead of buying these bath accessories separately, purchase this mats set and let you and your baby enjoy bath time.

Munchkin Bath Kneeler

Bath Kneeler Dots

Every parent knows that bathtime could be fun for you and your baby if you could better support your knees. To support your little bundle of joy while bathing, your legs and knees get tired. Hence, Munchkin has brought solution to this issue in the form of a convenient bath kneeler to bring relief to your knees.

This cushioned and comfy kneeling mat is made of durable and water-resistant material. Its textured bottom can stay in place on all floor types; even on a splashy and slippery bathroom floor. The ergonomic design of this mat provides cushion support for your legs and knees. An easy-grip handle helps pick up the bath mat easily from a wet floor. You can hang it on a shower rod or towel bar for drying.

Boon Ripple Bathtub Mat

RIPPLE Bathtub Mat - blue

Ripple is among those mats Canada that takes care of all the issues you commonly face with other mats. For instance, most mats are too small and stiff to handle your baby’s delicate skin, and water gets trapped in them. Ripple mats are free of all these annoying issues.

It covers a large part of your bathtub and has a soft, textured surface to prevent your baby from slipping. Suction cups underneath keep this mat securely in place, while drain holes expel water to ensure quick drying. An integrated hook makes folding and hanging easy. Enjoy your little angel’s bathing time equally with them with a Ripple Bath mat.

Baby Works Total Tub Mat

Total Tub

If you want to go a step ahead to ensure safety and security during bath, get this Total Tub bath mat. Unlike conventional mats that cover only a portion of your bathtub, this mat, with dimensions of 100 cm by 40cm, covers most of it. With 200 strong suction cups, it provides a safe and secure bath for active children. The PVC material of this mat, free of BPA, phthalates, and latex, is non-toxic and resists bacteria and mold growth. Moreover, 140 drain holes ensure easy water drainage and quick drying.

Mint Marshmallow

Ultimate Bathmat

Another one among the mats covers a large area of your bathtub to reduce the chances of slipping. This full-sized mat has bubble suction cups to stay in place. After the baby’s bath, wash the mat with cold water or in a machine and hang it to dry. The high-quality mat has a long life due to its resistance to mold, peeling, and discoloration.


As a responsible parent, you want to take good care of your little angel. From feeding to bathing, dressing to strolling or driving, there are a lot of baby products you need to ensure their safe and secure childhood. Handling your little one in the bathtub is not an easy job; you need to equip yourself with the right bathing accessories to ensure a safe bath. Either you buy mats or mats sets, whatever suits you, but having them is a must. Only in the presence of mats can you breathe a sigh of relief during bath. To add more fun, you can have other bath accessories, including bath toys. Enjoy every moment of parenthood, and make a lot of memories with the apple of your eye that you can cherish one day.

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