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Babyzen YOYO - A Compact Pushchair for Toddlers

Parents want a review before finalizing any decision. Babyzen is a highly lightweight stroller that is easy for parents to carry if they travel in a city or go somewhere in the car. It can easily fit into the car with your essentials.

You can easily open and assemble it using the Yoyo instruction manual. The stroller is so convenient to use. This is the reason it is the best-selling product at Macklem’

Do you want to know the review of the product? There is no need to worry about it. We are here to give you a complete examination, including its specifications, dimensions, and babyzen yoyo folding process.

Let’s peek into the blog for your better understanding.

Specification of Yoyo

  • The weight of a yoyo is almost 6.2 kg.
  • The dimensions of the stroller are 152 * 44* 7.1 inches
  • It is compact and portable
  • It is convenient for the parents.
  • The folding dimension is 52*44*18 cm 
  • It is small in size and has a compartment in the stroller.
  • The size and weight are under 10kg, which is very comfortable for babies and parents.

YOYO² stroller 6+ WhiteBlack

How do I Fold and Unfold the Yoyo Stroller?

The yoyo folding process is relatively easy and efficient. The steps to fold the babyzen stroller are given below:

  • Close the stroller canopy and handlebar for the folding.
  • Two red buttons are present on the canopy and the handlebar side. Find out and press this red button to fold the handlebar. You can perform this step if your child is sitting in the stroller.
  • Under the seat, there is a button and a level. Press this button and pull the level towards yourself until the sound of a click appears. When the handle comes towards you, your stroller is ready to fold. 
  • As you listen to the sound, the frame will start to collapse.
  • You must hold the silver bar while folding the frame slowly until it gets locked in the same place. These steps will help you complete the folding process. By following these steps, your stroller gets folded automatically. Make sure that your stroller has been folded successfully.
  • There are many options to secure your stroller. You can purchase a little bag available at Macklem's, that helps you carry the stroller.
  • Now, to unfold the stroller, you have to hold the metal bar of the stroller and press the latch button, which is located under the stroller.
  • On pressing the button, the stroller opens by itself without effort.

Unfolding and folding the babyzen stroller is quite simple and easy for guardians or parents. You can easily fold and unfold it by reading these steps.

YOYO stroller 6+ BlackStone

How is the Ride on the Yoyo Stroller?

This stroller has a handlebar, which makes it easier to push the stroller. The handlebar is relatively high as a parent, which helps protect your body from any strain. It moves quickly on the rocky areas with the children and their toys in the stroller.

Its four-wheel expansion helps the parents push it with a single hand without any effort. 

Hence, the riding of the stroller is relatively smooth for the toddler and the parents. You do not need to put in extra effort to push the stroller.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • The stroller is very comfortable for your toddler. It has a narrow wheelbase, which helps the parents move quickly in rockier places than other strollers.
  • It is a travel stroller for parents because it is small and compact. It can quickly be taken to a plane because of its undersized, packed weight and folding dimension.
  • It is only minor in size without its accessories. If you attach a bassinet to it, it becomes more significant in size and cannot be planned while travelling.
  • The folding and unfolding mechanism is a hassle-free process while travelling. It takes less space while folding, which helps the parents fold it anywhere without stress.
  • The stroller is very lightweight and designed for parents travelling with their kids. It makes your life easy with the kids while you have vacations.
  • The folding and unfolding mechanisms need a little practice. If you understand the steps, it is easily manageable, and you can fold the stroller with one hand.


  • The major drawback is its price. It is a costly product to buy. Some parents cannot afford to buy. It has a very high price range as compared to the other brands.
  • The height of the handlebar is fixed. It cannot be adjusted for taller people. Some people want to change the handlebar according to their convenience. However, the adjustment of the handlebar is not available.
  • There are some issues with the wheel suspension. Sometimes, it only works properly on rough patches of roads, rocky areas, and unstable bumpy roads. 

In a nutshell, the stroller is small, compact, and lightweight. You can travel with it—planes, cars, whatever you want. It is the best option for your little one when the child is growing.

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