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Baby Registry Etobicoke

A baby registry is a practical and polite way to inform your family and friends about baby products you prefer as gifts for your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. New parents-to-be are so excited and overwhelmed with the thought of the arrival of their little one that they want to celebrate it in full swing.

Also, your family and friends want to shower the occasion with their gifts as a gesture to show their love. A registry is a way to ensure your loved ones do not accidentally buy the same gift for your baby and spoil the party. Mackem’s Baby Store Toronto has eight decades of experience in baby products. If you are a resident of Etobicoke, North York, or Mississauga, you can create a registry at Macklem’s store and enjoy its perks later on.

Baby Registry Etobicoke: All You Need to Know

If you are living anywhere in Canada, you can create a registry at Macklem’s store. Both online and in-store registries can work well here. 

When Should I Create a Registry?

Well, as far as a registry is concerned, there is no single period that is right for everyone. However, most parents prefer to create a registry during the second trimester. This is because they want to go through the twelve-week mark. After that comes clarity about the progression of pregnancy, and also during the second trimester, most parents know about the sex of their baby.

In this way, parents can better select the color theme of baby products comprising their registry. Ideally, couples should spend ample time planning and figuring out what they need for their baby. Creating a wishlist in the form of your registry well in advance is beneficial for parents in many ways:

  • It gives parents an idea about budget calculation and preparing for that.
  • Parents have time to share their registry with their friends and family.
  • They can check their registry twice before finalizing it, so as not to miss or repeat anything.

Baby Registry Musts

Although every parent has their custom-tailored registry items, there are a few basic things without which your registry is incomplete. So, while making your list, ensure you have these items included:

Baby Diapers


Diapers – Size 2 (6-17lbs) – 30 Count                                                    Jumbo Diaper Size 1 (8-12 lbs) – 35 ct.

This is a registry item that is never sufficient enough. Parents need hundreds of diapers for their little ones. You cannot only register for diaper packs but also get diaper subscriptions. If you want to buy from a specific brand only, then you can add a diaper fund to your registry. People can contribute to that fund, and later you may use it to select diapers of your choice or even to buy anything else than diapers.

Baby gear

Well, here comes another essential part of your registry: baby gear. Pick your favorite brand’s car seats, baby strollers, carrycots, bouncers, walkers, etc, and add them to your list.


 Bouncer Bliss Cotton Classic Quilt Anthracite                      Bouncer Bliss Airy Mesh Navy Blue                   Bouncer Bliss Cotton Petal Quilt Anthracite

Baby Furniture

Baby furniture is the main part that fills up your baby’s nursery. It includes everything from a baby crib to a bassinet, an infant bed, a changing table, a high chair, and a toddler bed. Again, pick the top brands of your choice to make the list.


                      Bassinet Vista/Cruz V2 Greyson                               Bassinet Vista/Cruz V2 Gregory                                     Bassinet Vista/Cruz V2 Anthony   

Baby Basics

Without these basics, your registry is incomplete. These include bottles, pacifiers, burp clothes, feeding supplies, bathing accessories, baby clothing, and many more. Baby shower guests can combine a few of these baby basics in a gift box.


                             Premium Burp Cloths Bliss                                         Premium Burp Cloths Lacie                                            Premium Burp Cloths Max

Baby Ticket Items

You can include some high-priced baby products on your registry in big-ticket items. These are for your closest friends and family circle, such as cribs, strollers, car seats, or other nursery furniture items.

Steps to Set Up a Baby Registry Etobicoke at Macklem’s Store

To qualify for registry perks, it must include a minimum of 15 items, all purchased in their entirety. You can buy from your own registry, but it should not include sale items and gift cards.

Moreover, Macklem's store is also offering free local delivery of registry items upon request. Once Macklem’s receives notification from the registrant about their registry closure, only then do they issue a gift card to them. The gift card includes 10% cash back on any registry Etobicoke over $500. For example, parents get $100 for a registry over $1000, $150 for a registry over $1500, and so on.

You can follow these steps for registry creation:

Create Registry

Sign up and include everything you need in your registry. Don’t forget to avail yourself of good discounts, have a baby fund option, and have a flexible return policy.

Manage your Registry

Of course, creating a registry in Etobicoke is not a single-day job. You, off and on, add or remove items as per your understanding and budget in your wishlist. You can log in and revise your registry till the time you close it.

Share your Registry with Family & Friends

Once you have sorted out the list of items you need for your baby, it's time to share it with your friends and family. The easiest way to do it is by creating a digital invitation to your baby shower and adding a link to your registry with it. In case you plan to send physical invitations, write your registry’s website URL on the invitation.

Wrapping Up

Parenthood is a beautiful journey that starts right from the birth of your first child. However, parents-to-be naturally start to prepare themselves beforehand by creating a baby registry. Take your time to make a wish list of all the tangible things you want for your baby. Once you are done, make it official by creating a registry at your favorite baby store, for instance, Macklem’s store. Share your infant registry with your loved ones to receive their love for your baby in the form of all of your favorite baby items!

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