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Baby Feeding Products in Toronto

Out of the range of baby products you buy for your little munchkin, each one has its own importance. However, baby feeding products are of greater concern as they are related to the health of your baby. Hence, there is no question of compromising on their quality. 

Expectant parents are always in search of the best quality and top brands. If you belong to this category of parents, Macklem’s Baby Store Toronto can fulfill your needs very well. We have a good range of high-quality baby feeding accessories. For new parents to be, in this article we are discussing some baby-feeding Toronto essentials. Just go through the article, and you will learn much about baby-feeding-related items.

Baby Feeding Toronto Essentials

Feeding a tiny human being in the most natural way possible is not an easy task. As a parent, not only do you need to buy a range of high-quality products related to feeding, but you also have to follow certain steps as nature does. Your list of infant-feeding Toronto products must include:

Baby Nipples Toronto

You will be amazed to see all kinds of baby nipples Toronto on the market. To select out of these you need to know their differences and specialities. Some are narrow bottle nipples, while others simulate natural nipples. Natural nipples are a good option if your baby is also on the mother’s feed, as in this way they won’t confuse the two and carry on each feed. If your baby is taking only bottle feeds, then you can choose narrow bottle nipples. Some top picks among baby nipples Toronto at Macklem’s store are:

Avent Natural Nipple


                                                            Natural Nipple - Slow Flow 1m+ 2pk                           Natural Nipple - Newborn Flow 0m+ 2pk

This wide, breast-shaped natural nipple promotes a latch-on phenomenon similar to the breast. It is a natural way to bottle-feed your baby.

NURSH Silicone Nipples


                                                               NURSH Silicone Nipples –Medium 3pk                      NURSH Silicone Nipples –Fast 3pk

Another kind of nipple mimics breastfeeding as they have the feel and function of the real thing. There are fewer chances of bottle preference and mother-feed rejection with these baby nipples Toronto. Also, their nature-mimicking shape promotes baby dental and oral development. 

Baby Sippy & Training Cups Toronto

Once your baby is used to bottle feeding, it's quite a job to shift them to baby sippy & training cups Toronto. A gradual transition is better because children take less time to adapt to it in comparison to a sudden shift from bottle to cup feeding. We have a range of practical and fancy baby sippy & training cups Toronto to get your baby’s attention, such as:

OXO Tot Straw Cup With Handles


                                                                 Straw Cup with Handles 6oz-Teal                          Straw Cup with Handles 6oz-Navy

The good thing about this straw cup is its valve function, which opens when a child’s lips touch the spout, and the hinged cap closes afterward to create a leakproof seal. The straw cup minimizes mess and eases the transition from bottle or breastfeeding, and your baby finds its colorful design appealing.

Avent My Grippy Sippy Spout Cup


                                          My Grippy Sippy Spout Cup, 10oz, 2pk, Pink/Purple            My Grippy Sippy Spout Cup, 10oz, 2pk, Blue/Green

Another mess-free solution for growing, active toddlers. It has a soft silicone spout that is gentle on gums and a contoured shape that enables your little one to hold it with a good grip.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer Toronto

Here comes another baby-feeding Toronto essential while you are bottle-feeding your child. bottle sterilizer Toronto gives you peace of mind by ensuring the sterilization of your little angel’s feeding bottles. Out of a range of bottle sterilizer Toronto available at Macklem’s store, some worth buying are:

Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

This product makes sterilization as simple as possible. You can use adjustable-size bottles in it, both narrow and wide-neck ones, and steam-sterilize them while taking up less kitchen space and less mess.

Quook 5-in-1

Quook 5-in-1 Baby Food Maker, Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

This baby product acts as a baby food blender, along with a bottle warmer and steam cooker. Make healthy homemade food for your baby in a few minutes, and do after-food cleaning also in the same amount of time with the help of Quook 5-in-1.

Baby Bottle Warmers Toronto

To feed your baby as per nature, you need to feed them milk and then food at their body temperature. For that purpose, you need bottle warmers Toronto. At Macklem’s store, we have different baby bottle warmers Toronto, for instance:

Dr. Brown MilkSPA Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer


                                                        Insta-Feed™ Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer                    Deluxe Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer

With a gentle water bath, this bottle warmer safely warms breast milk extracted sometime before bringing it to body temperature.

Babybreeza Instant Formula Warmer


                                                Instant Formula Warmer For Baby Bottles                      Safe + Smart Baby Bottle Warmer/ Breast Milk & Formula

This one-step instant warmer dispenses warm water and maintains its required temperature for 24 hours. Say goodbye to a traditional bottle warmer that takes 3-5 minutes; just press its lever and dispense warm water in a bottle to prepare formula milk.

Baby Tableware Toronto

Once your little angel starts eating solid food, you need to buy baby tableware Toronto. We have some cute sets of baby tableware Toronto at Macklem’s store.

Young Lux Bamboo Fiber Tableware

Baby products need to be made of long-lasting materials, that’s what this bamboo fiber baby tableware Toronto is. This 5-piece mealtime kit helps your baby to eat like the big kids.

Baby Food Prep & Storage Toronto

It's not easy to make a fresh meal every time your baby needs food. To make it more practical, you can store homemade baby food for at least a day or so. Different products related to baby food prep & storage Toronto can help you achieve this.

Munchkin Go Mash

This microwave-safe food masher helps you mash cooked or soft foods for your baby and then serve them after warming the food in the microwave.

Oxo Tot Baby Blocks


                                                2 oz Baby Blocks Silicone Freezer Storage Containers                   2oz Baby Blocks-Teal

These baby blocks are airtight, watertight, and leakproof solutions for the storage of baby food. You can freeze them and stack multiple trays to save space.

Baby Bibs & Burp Clothes Toronto

To keep your baby’s clothes safe from food spillage and throws, you need baby bibs & burp clothes Toronto. Out of the variety of these available at Macklem’s store, some worth mentioning products are:

Glitter & Spice Silicone Food Bib


                               Silicone Food Bib Kawaii Fruits                         Silicone Food Bib Kawaii Veggies                   Silicone Food Bib Ocean Adventures            

With a wide catch-all pocket, this bib holds all the mess and saves your baby’s clothes and floor. Also, silicone is hypoallergenic and hygienic, with an easy-to-clean option.

Tiny Twinkle Mess-Proof Easybib

These mess-proof bibs are soft, water-repellant, and lightweight.

Baby Bottle Brushes & Drying Racks Toronto

To clean your baby’s feeding bottles, you need baby bottle brushes & drying racks Toronto.

OXO Tot Cleaning Set

A trio of cup-cleaning tools reaches every corner of sippy and straw cups. The kit has a straw brush, lid brush, and spout cleaner.

Boon Trip Travel

A perfect product among baby bottle brushes & drying racks Toronto that you can take with you during travel. This compact rack easily fits in your diaper bag with two dual-ended brushes for bottles, nipple valves, and breast pumps.

Wrapping Up

Feeding products need extreme care and hygiene maintenance. To help you achieve that, we have a range of items under the umbrella of infant feeding Toronto. Baby feeding bottles, nipples, bottle sterilizers, bottle warmers, baby sippy cups, food prep and storage, bibs, burp clothes, baby bottle brushes & drying racks Toronto, and many more come under this category. Just keep baby safety, health, and hygiene in your mind while choosing these products.

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