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Are You Looking For A Reliable Diaper Changing Pad?

With a baby in your life, you need to buy a lot of baby stuff, ranging from baby furniture to baby gear to clothing to baby toys, etc. While choosing all these baby items, never forget to pay attention to small details, such as how comfortable and durable the baby pad is, how gentle and chemical-free baby wipes are, and so on.

We are well aware of the delicacy of your baby’s skin; that’s why we recommend you buy the best pad for your little one. Peanut changer is one example that meets the high-quality standard. Let’s look at some features of this diaper pad.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer: A Diaper Changing Pad


Changer-Grey                               Changer-Vanilla

It is a peanut-shaped changing pad that is intelligently designed with a soft material but an impermeable hard shell outside. This means if your baby has a mid-changing accident, you can quickly wipe it off rather than adding it to your pile of laundry. Unlike any other traditional pad, changer has a strong outer cover or shell. When you spread this pad underneath your baby, it offers multiple benefits owing to its hard shell outside:

  • The pad is impermeable to any fluids, so you are no longer worried about spillage while changing on the bed or any white surface.
  • A water-resistant surface makes cleaning very easy; just use clean wipes or a damp cloth, and it dries quickly.
  • The hard outer shell is protective in nature; you don’t need any other cover for this pad.
  • The soft surface of the Keekaroo changer makes your baby comfortable while pad-changing; no more sheets are required underneath this pad to add softness.
  • The durable outer shell is crack-or puncture-resistant, hence adding life to this pad. That’s why Keekaroo offers a 5-year warranty on this pad.
  • Resistance to tears helps the Keekaroo changer limit bacterial and mold growth, adding to your baby's safety. The pad was originally designed for hospitals keeping hygiene in mind; hence, it was made resistant to bacteria.
  • Despite having a resistance to water outer surface, this pad is non-slip and also comes with a safety strap.
  • This pad is made of polyurethane, free of all harmful chemicals such as latex, phthalates, etc., hence non-toxic for your baby.

With a safety strap and a super comfortable surface, you can take your baby anywhere with the pad to change. As this pad comes in bright colors, it is stain-resistant over time. To clean this water-resistant pad, you can simply use baby wipes or a paper towel, but for big messes or weekly sanitization, you can use an antibacterial cleaning solution and wipe it down. Also, you don’t need to buy any cover or liner for this pad; the purpose behind its creation is to avoid any additional laundry.

If you want a shell-over-foam, fully fluid-impermeable, wipeable diaper pad for your baby with years of warranty, our changer is the best available option.

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