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UPPAbaby Vista vs Nuna Rava: Are they Compatible with each other?

When it comes to ensuring your child’s safety and security, the right stroller and car seat are essential for traveling. NUNA and UPPAbaby are well-known brands to fulfill your child's stroller and infant car seat. Sometimes, the question arises from the parent's side: Are UppaBaby Vista and Nuna Rava compatible?

In this article, we will answer your question about UppaBaby and Nuna by explaining different factors, specifications, and compatibility.


UPPAbaby vs Nuna is compared in a variety of ways. Both brands offer quality items, but one has a slight advantage. UPPAbaby's stroller is a regular stroller that can be used with a baby seat

The Vista is one of the most flexible strollers anyone could hope to find. It can change from a single to a double with the addition of the RumbleStreet connection.

Nuna is a top-notch, dynamic surface for a clean appearance. Various excellent shades are warm enough to let the materials shine, giving the textures a chance. A genuinely remarkable look is delivered by uncovered zippers and bolts and carefully crafted, specially-made details.

UPPABABY Vista Stroller 

The Vista V2 is a good stroller that highlights many similarities. It considers different designs to situate more than one child. The V2 stroller features an all-wheel suspension and a sun overhang that offers additional ventilation. 

UPPABABY Vista Stroller

Vista Configurations

  • Considers various designs and can go about as a double stroller 
  • Can fit up to 3 kids with RumbleSeat
  • Remembered bassinet for rests for the go and Newborn child 
  • It includes a nibble plate, cup holder, pouch, and seat liner
  • Ventilated covering and extendable UPF 50+ shade
  • Reversible little child seat with safety bar
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Customizable handlebar
  • UPPAbaby newborn baby seat appends to the stroller without car seat connectors.
  • Appropriate from birth to a weight limit of 50 pounds
  • Stroller weighs 27 pounds

Can Infant Seat be Afforded?

The cost of UPPAbaby is well worth it, especially if you plan on having several children. The VISTA carriage offers a smooth ride, yet it can change over into a double stroller which will set aside you cash over the years.

These convertible strollers are certainly worth the cash compared to joggers or travel carriages. In any case - you're comparing UPPAbaby vs Nuna - the UPPAbaby is a little more expensive.

Nuna Rava Seat

Nuna Seat has a large and lavish seat, so your little one stays comfortable and protected on car rides. By eliminating mystery, innovation free of problem is essentially secure innovation.



  • High-level tech makes setup quick, secure, and transparent.
  • The ventilation boards inside the shell and the breathable weave texture make the surface comfortable even on the most extended tours.
  • The infant seat is liberated from toxic synthetics.
  • Youngsters can ride back-to-back  50 pounds.
  • The airplane was confirmed to travel all over.
  • Baby seats are better than well-being norms.

Is it Necessary to purchase Nuna Seat Canada?

  • The RAVA is a seat that offers security for your youngster. Car seat is one of the most comfortable seats, with a lavish texture and an ergonomic design that will keep your child comfortable during long car rides.
  • The Nuna RAVA is more costly than other seats because it offers solace and peace. Several guardians feel the Nuna RAVA's high price tag is justified by its unusual security evaluations and comfort level.
  • This seat has been tested to meet or exceed all standards.

Is RAVA Compatible with Vista?

No, the Rava is a baby seat intended to remain in the car and joins no stroller. If you are searching for suitable baby seats, you must look at newborn child car seats instead of convertible ones.

Connectors are accessible for blending and matching various brands, yet the Rava explicitly won't be viable. 

The VISTA is compatible with a wide range of seats Canada. For instance, it's convertible, with car seats like the Nuna Pipa Light, Maxi-Cosi, Chicco, and the whole Nuna Pipa series (counting the Pipa Light LX) utilizing a connector.

Summing Up

In the nutshell, UPPAbaby and NUNA both are very famous and well-known abroad in Canada. But their few products are compatible with each other and few do not. Stroller and seat are not compatible with each other. But they both have their separate features and specifications and can be used separately for your child's security and protection during your travels and trips.

By purchasing stroller and RAVA seat you will be tension free from your kids safety.

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