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Baby Registry Ottawa: A Complete Guide

A baby registry is a one-stop shop that lets everyone in your family and friends know about your baby product's wish list. This stops them from buying what you don’t like for your baby and what others have already purchased for you. So, no more confusion about the accidental purchase of the same gifts from your loved ones. Make it clear from the beginning by creating a baby registry.

Macklem’s Baby Store Toronto not only offers you a wide range of products from top brands but also the option of creating your baby registry. Besides creating an in-store registry, you can have it online from from anywhere in Canada. No matter if you are in North York, Mississauga, Etobicoke, or Ottawa, create a registry at Macklem’s store and enjoy all the perks.

Different Kinds of Baby Registries

Generally speaking, there are three different kinds of baby registries.

Store-Specific Registry

You can register at any of your favorite baby stores. It gives people a hint that they should buy baby gifts from that store.

Universal Registry

This kind of registry allows you to select baby items across a range of stores. In this way, you don’t limit yourself to any particular store. People create this kind of registry if they fail to find the required baby products in a single store.

Baby Registry for Cash

Here comes another type of registry. This is for those parents who are not sure till the end about the kind of baby products they want. So, in this case, people donate funds and in the end, parents choose whatever they want for their little one.

Common Perks of Having a Registry

Different stores offer enticing deals, coupons, and freebies for registry qualifiers. Some of the most common perks of creating baby registries are:

Discounts on Completion

Most of the time, baby stores offer this perk. Once your registry is closed and its amount exceeds that defined by the store, you qualify for a certain discount. For instance, Macklem’s Store offers a 10% discount for any registry that is above $500. 

To enjoy this perk, parents need to select baby items that collectively cost at least  $500. You can receive up to $500 cash back if your registry items cost around $5000. It's a limited-time discount that parents can avail of towards the end of their pregnancy and order anything they haven’t received as a gift yet. Some other registry sites may allow you to use the discount amount as many times as you like in a divided way during a certain period.

Extended Return Policy

Few stores offer extended return windows exclusively for registry items. For instance, if you have registered for baby bottles from multiple brands and the store’s standard return window period is 90 days out of the registry. However, you will be able to return unused bottles for up to one year or so as per the store’s special consideration for registry items.

Free Samples

Certain websites or stores offer you a “welcome box”, consisting of free samples as a gift or coupons, upon signing up for the registry. A traditional welcome kit consists of a jumpsuit, a few diaper packs, a muslin blanket, a bunch of baby toiletries, and a few coupons for baby store or manufacturer's items.

Group Gifting Option

You may prefer a registry with this option if your registry has many pricey items and you don’t expect anyone in your family to afford to gift those pieces alone. A registry with a group gifting option allows your family and friends to contribute together for a single or a few baby items in any amount they wish.

How Can I Qualify for Registry Benefits at Macklem’s Store?

Macklem’s Baby Store not only has a rich variety of baby products but also keeps a good name by offering registry Ottawa perks. However, to qualify for registry benefits, it must include at least 15 baby items. All products require a complete purchase. If your purchase exceeds the $500 limit, then you qualify to get rewards.

Once you announce that you are closing your registry, the store issues you a  gift card worth 10% of your registry. Get a $100 card for a registry over $1000, a $150 gift card for a registry over $1500, and so on. The interesting part is that upon receiving the gift card, you can purchase any item on your own registry. Macklem’s store also offers free local delivery upon request.

Final Thoughts

Having a newborn baby is the most exciting and experimental part of parenthood. You are new to everything, so it's better to learn from others' experiences through research and planning. Create a registry Ottawa at Macklem’s Baby Store and add everything you think you need for your baby, from diapers, feeding bottles, and baby clothes to baby gear and furniture items. Not only does a registry Ottawa keep your Wishlist well organized, but it also gives hints to your loved ones about your choices regarding baby products. So they can give a gift from your registry, and you also qualify for a gift card from the store. Creating a registry is a win-win game; don’t delay, get ready, and sign up!

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