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Smallest and lightest design, specifically designed for babies under two months of age.
Extra-small silicone teat and ergonomic shape.

At Medela Baby we understand that every baby is different and we try to provide dedicated products for every need.

Our NEWBORN pacifier has been developed with experts, specifically for babies under two months of age. It is extra lightweight.

The teat and the shield are extra small to fit your baby’s needs at this early stage of life.

Can pacifiers be used from birth?

Yes, pacifiers can be used from birth.

At Medela Baby we designed our NEWBORN pacifier specifically for newborn babies.

If you are breastfeeding, research has shown that pacifier use in healthy breastfeeding infants, started from birth or after lactation is established, does not significantly affect the prevalence or duration of exclusive and partial breastfeeding up to four months of age. 1

However, you may prefer to first offer the pacifier when you and your baby are already comfortable with breastfeeding. 

What are the SensoPearls™?
Why do Medela Baby pacifiers have holes in the shield?

At Medela Baby we want our products to make every gesture more gentle, intimate and assured.

Baby skin is sensitive and we strive to make all our products as gentle to your little one’s skin as possible.

These holes together with our Sensopearls™ enhance airflow and avoid skin irritation increasing child safety.

Even in the unlikely event that your little one happens to get the whole pacifier into their mouth, the holes will allow air to flow. It is important not to block these air holes, for instance by attaching cords or ribbons as it might limit airflow.